Advance sale of tickets for Daddy Yankee concert

The company Two Shows had announced that the purchase of tickets for the Daddy Yankee concert would be open to the public from June 14, 2022

Tickets for Daddy Yankee’s “La Última Vuelta World Tour” concert will be sold by Two Shows Producciones starting Tuesday, May 31, according to a post on their Facebook page.

“New sale date for the Daddy Yankee concert!” they wrote on the page.

Daddy Yankee’s concert will take place at the Cuscatlán Stadium on Saturday, November 5.

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The singer’s followers have been waiting for the sale of tickets because in other countries they have sold out very quickly.

Some of the people who have commented on the Two Shows post see the advancement of the date that they had previously announced as a sign that “Tickets have already been sold.”

Network users complain about the concert. Illustrative and non-commercial photography.

In addition to this, the singer’s fans have demanded that the company provide the prices of the different tickets that will be sold.

“They put the day of sales, but they never put the prices” wrote a user in networks.

The Todoticket company that will sell the tickets for the concert has not published the price of each ticket on its website either, but in Todoticket GuatemalaDaddy Yankee concert ticket prices in Esplanade Cayala prowl $247 in “Amex Tables”, $208 in “Black Tables”, $168 in “Platinum Tables”, $103 in “Legendary” and $51 in “Grades”.

This prices they would not reveal the cost of tickets in El Salvador for the Cuscatlan Stadiumbut it could be a reference when calculating the price of the locations at the San Salvador concert.

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for the concert bad bunny on the same dates the tickets were sold to $175 dollars the most expensivegoing down to Platinum in $125 dollars and the cheapest in preferential sun at $35.

at the concert of Carol G the prices were identical, with $175 for major and $35 for general.

Comparison of Cuscatlán Stadium for Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny concert. Illustrative and non-commercial photography.