Affair drama about Katzenberger mom: Jungle star Julian FM Stoeckel defends Peter Klein

The biggest scandal in “I’m a star – get me out of here!” takes place in 2023 away from the camp: Iris Klein accuses her husband Peter, who accompanied his son-in-law Lucas Cordalis to Australia, of having an affair with actress Yvonne Woelke. A public exchange of blows between the spouses followed on Instagram and even the celebrity daughter Daniela Katzenberger commented on it. Now there is unexpected support from Julian FM Stoeckel for the allegedly unfaithful Peter.

Julian FM Stoeckel on Peter Klein: “I think he’s being wronged”

The entertainer himself was a candidate on the trash show in 2014 and is currently in Australia for the jungle camp podcast. So he was able to observe the atmosphere between Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke on site. “I always perceived Peter here as a very funny, open and charming man with backbone and not at all as a womanizer and cheater,” writes Julian FM Stoeckel on Facebook. “I think he’s being wronged.”

Jana "primal force" Pallaske apparently has enough of the jungle camp 2023 and describes the show as "torture".

Jana Pallaske railed against RTL and jungle camp viewers: “It’s torture”


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Claudia Effenberg attracts the displeasure of the jungle camp fans with a brazen lie.

Claudia Effenberg brings the viewers against her with a jungle camp lie …


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Also in the jungle camp show “The Hour After”, the TV star explains how he perceived the situation around Peter Klein and Djamila Rowe’s companion. “Peter basically took care of Djamila’s daughter quite lovingly and interpersonally the whole time and was like a fatherly figure.”

Affair drama burdens companions of the jungle camp stars

The headlines about the public allegations by Iris Klein are now even supposed to burden the other companions of the jungle campers. “The mood is to die for,” says Julian FM Stoeckel, explaining the situation in the Versace Hotel.

“The scandals surrounding Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke almost tear us apart.” The entertainer says about Iris Klein’s stepfather: “And if he doesn’t do something, it’s chasing after some women or cheating.”

The drama about the Klein-Katzenberger family is far from over. Lucas Cordalis is still in the jungle camp and has no idea what to expect outside of the show. Only Jenny Frankhauser, ex-jungle queen and daughter of Iris Klein, has not yet publicly commented on the subject. Maybe everyone involved should do the same, because a little more restraint definitely couldn’t hurt.

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