Afida Turner wrongly accused of assault in a store in the United States, the victim of a horrible rumor

By Jason Mathurin

– Modified 05 Jan 2023 at 18:46

Afida Turner victim of a rumor and blackmail on Tiktok Indeed, the French singer exiled in the United States in the fake video will attack a customer of a supermarket.

Known for her biting lines, her outspokenness and her fiery temper, Afida Turner has created an eccentric diva character that does not appeal to everyone. This time, the singer with Algerian and Reunionese origins has caused a lot of ink to flow on the Web. This, because of a video charge against her… On this one, a woman assaults a client came to do her shopping in a Walgreens, a well-known chain of stores in the United States. the frenzied. This commotion therefore did not fail to arouse the curiosity of Internet users. Become viral on TikTok, as much to tell you that it does not play in its favor. Sarah N., the supposed victim, behind the video, describes the scene that took place before her eyes.

A TikTokeur evokes the crisis of nerves of Afida Turner

The interpreter of Etienne filmed in the middle of a skid in a store?

This Woman Showed Us Her Instagram To Prove She Has 1.7 Million Followerswe learn in the caption of this viral video. She verbally assaulted the cashiers because they asked her for her alcohol ID. She has then tried to steal after several declined payments. I tried to be nice and buy her what she wanted, but she insulted me and tried to physically assault me ​​while I was with my child”. So it didn’t take long for French-speaking Internet users to link it with the one who “don’t mix with tramps”. An American named TissyEnt also gave his testimony. This TikTokeur with 5.2 million subscribers precisely attended the scene.

Afida Turner’s response

Afida Turner responds to accusations: “Defamation is punishable”

According to the words of TikTokeur, the person would indeed have come to buy a bottle of alcohol. The tone would have risen after the cashier asked him for his identity card. Despite the protests, the singer ended up presenting her ID. But in the end, it is his credit card that is refused! A woman who had come to buy medicine for her son would have kindly offered to pay for his bottle. Her answer: “I don’t need the money of a poor person, I have 1.7 million subscribers”. She would also have called her a “stupid immigrant” who “doesn’t speak English well enough”. For her part, the main interested party did not fail to react with an incendiary tweet. “Video montages and false stories, jealousy … Fortunately, defamation is punishable and the right to the image”, wrote the star, still in mourning for the death of her husband, Ronnie.

Contacted by telephone, Afida Turner denounced being the victim of “a false rumor and blackmail”.