África Zavala scares away the stork and does not want a wedding with her handsome lover

PHOTOS: OCTAVIO LAZCANO AND JOSÉ LUIS RAMOS. The arrival of little Leoncito forever changed the life of África Zavala, who despite having found her prince charming in the Venezuelan actor León Peraza, at this moment she does not intend to enlarge the family, because the sacrifices of motherhood make her doubt about the decision to give her firstborn a little brother, who was born in August 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

“Right now I don’t think about little brothers, at this moment I couldn’t tell you, it’s very recent, and I want to pay all my attention to my son; I also have a lot of work, so let’s go little by little, ”the actress told us that, after finishing Crown of tears 2, she joined the eighth season of El Señor de los cielos, alongside Rafael Amaya.


Despite the fact that she has a great body on screen, the 37-year-old artist laughs that she does not have the same figure: “There is no longer a way to have the same body in every way; I always took care of myself, I exercised, what I gained was nine kilos, I never ate badly despite having cravings, when I had my baby I still continued to eat healthy, I continued to exercise, I think that helped me return to the figure I had before of being a mom, although obviously I can’t do as many workouts as I used to.” For her, bread, soft drinks and sugar are eliminated from her diet, since “what it really does is damage the body”.

Her diet is very rich and varied: “In the morning I can eat fruit, egg whites, protein, carbohydrates –but good carbohydrates, which can be potatoes and avocados–; and at night, obviously pure protein”. Reaching the age of 60 looking like Maribel Guardia, her mother in Corona de lágrimas, is a dream for África Zavala: “I don’t know what she does, but she would like to be like that; my respects, the truth is that Maribel is divine ”.

In the plot of the melodrama produced by José Alberto Castro, the mother-daughter relationship could be toxic, since Julieta (Maribel) meddles in the life of Lucero (África), to the point of intervening in her decisions. But, has Africa Zavala experienced a similar situation? “No, my mom is a beauty, she is very smart not to get involved in anything, she is very cute, so she has nothing to do with the things that happen to my character.” However, the mother of the actress is also “mother hen, she’s always there, but she’s very smart, she doesn’t get into any of my things, she’s just there, and sometimes she can tell me something that works for me, but I don’t know.” meddle”.


The recordings of the second part of Corona de lágrimas took more than 10 months, taking Africa at a demanding pace for the upbringing of her firstborn, the fruit of her love with the Venezuelan actor who has participated in productions such as The rich also cry.

“Life totally changes you; in fact, sometimes I would run away, well, I always run away; I tried to do my scenes fast and I ran away. It is something that I am very grateful to Güero, who always did me the favor of accommodating my scenes to arrive, record and run home to have time to be with my baby, because that is very important to me, and if I have managed to do is thanks to the support I have received; In fact, sometimes it has happened to me that I can’t stop with the press because I’m running, but they know that I always give them the interviews,” she clarified about the moments in which her car did not stop when some journalists approached her at the departure from Televisa San Angel.

According to the protagonist of Peregrina, when she was recording the meladrama she only had two hours to see her baby: “My life has changed; There are things that I have stopped doing, like many magazines (photo sessions, covers) or commitments that I had before, but first there is my son ”.

“I love the baby, I couldn’t describe that feeling of arriving at my house and having him smile at me, because he comes and runs, laughs, kisses me, hugs me, he is very affectionate all the time, and when I arrive, that is what most I like it, because it runs with a happiness that drives me crazy”.

Africa is one of the mothers who prefers to take care of everything: “When I get home I forget about everything and I make his food while I am playing with him; in fact, if he falls asleep it is when I exercise, since I try to dedicate a lot of time to him, because I want him to feel that his mother is present ”. The support of her partner is essential for the villain of The Double Life of Estela Carrillo, since between them they care for the child.

“We have had to distribute ourselves, and we have done quite well; León has been a great help, we are a great team, we love our baby and we are always ready for whatever he needs, that is very nice ”. The actress who plays Lucero Vásquez in Corona de lágrimas met the Venezuelan actor León Peraza in 2019, and since then they have remained together, yes, without marriage, since she affirms that they are happy in concubinage.

“We are happy like this, we don’t need to get married; I have always been one of the women who do not believe in that, I rather believe that if you want to be with someone, they are, nothing else is necessary, but well, we have thought that at some point, maybe since the If the child is older and wants to see his parents married, then we will do it”.

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