After 10 years on Televisa and a divorce, the soap opera villain betrays ‘Hoy’ and arrives in ‘VLA’ in mourning

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Mexico City.- The famous actress and singer Lissetwho has worked for Televisa during the last 10 yearsgave a serious blow to the program Today because this Wednesday morning appeared in exclusive in the morning come the joy from Aztec TV.

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As will be remembered, the woman from Guadalajara debuted in soap operas with the Ajusco company since 1999. She was seen participating in successful projects such as Catherine and Sebastian, you will dream, Monte Cristo Y Love in custodywhere he gave life to an endearing villain.

However, he moved to the ranks of San Ángel in 2010 and since then he has been able to participate in successful soap operas on the television station such as To love again, What life stole from me, I plead guilty, I give you life and the last one was my fortune is to love you.

However, on the morning of this Wednesday, May 11, the ex-wife of lissardwhose got divorced after 7 years of marriagereappeared on TV Azteca Well, he has great affection for this company since his father worked here for years, Willy Gutierrez (RIP).

A few hours ago was the presentation of the musical saturday night feverin which Lisset stars, and exclusively for the cameras of VLA the actress commented that she is still mourning due to the sudden departure of his father.

The project is helping me to close a duel because I did it with my dad 20 years ago, it was the last time we worked a lot and this marked me, the process has been very spiritual, singing and hearing each note, come, I like it (the feeling)! It has been difficult but here we are”, he expressed with a lump in throat.

With the feeling on the surface, the singer was honest and also said that after the death of the teacher of The academyhe was about to lose his mother:

I dedicate it to my dad and my mom, my dad hadn’t been dead for three weeks and my mom almost died, she got pneumonia from covid,” he revealed.

Source: Instagram @vengalaalegriatva and The Stars