After 12 years on TV Azteca and losing a leg, soap opera heartthrob appears on ‘Hoy’ and crushes ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- After appearing for the first time after 7 months ago he suffered the amputation of his right legthe beloved actor John Paul Medina was praised by the host of the today program Andrea Legarretasnatching the rating from come the joy.

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Medina debuted on TV Azteca in 2001 and participated in telenovelas such as When you are mine, The country of women Fall in love, You will dream, Las Juanas and looking for a manuntil in 2013 he made the last one, Family secrets.

The actor worked in series for different platforms, for Telemundo and was also in the cast of no trace of you on Televisa in 2016. After being the main cast in the popular Netflix series The House of Flowers and moorings.

A few months ago, the actor suffered a venous thrombosis and to save his lifedoctors had to amputate his leg. After months of being away from the media to recover, Medina reappeared in a photo shoot for the GQ magazine Mexico and told how he lived everything.

Juan Pablo recounted that he suffered a silent heart attack and the only thing he was afraid of was not waking up, so when faced with the option of performing the amputation, he agreed.

There are different types of amputations, and the higher up it gets the more complicated; and by then, also the pain. And you have to make decisions, and I decided to live. I was more afraid of not waking up than waking up without a leg. And, happily, I’m here.”

After being on the forum come the joyNow the actor received praise in the morning Hoy. His story touched the heart of Andrea Legarretawho at the end of the capsule dedicated a moving message to him and filled the actor with praise, like Galilea Montijo.

It filled us with pleasure… as soon as we open Instagram and see that handsome man, who I think now brings the handsome man more uproar, our dearest ‘Chespi’, Juan Pablo Medina, reappeared in an interview (…) You don’t know what dear Chespi gives us joy,” he said.

And he added: “All of us who know him know his love for life, how joyful it is and when such traumatic or radical events happen in your life or you sink or come out stronger. Wanting to enjoy life more and enjoy every moment” .

After revealing all the celebrities who sent him well wishes, as well as highlighting the “exemplary attitude” of Danielle Alvarezwho reacted to the publication, Gali agreed with Andrea’s words and added:

Hey ‘Chespi’, I do agree with what Legarreta says, #SeTeAlborotóLoGuapoMijo; Wow, what photos, what a smile, the joy that can be seen in his eyes, what he transmits, you are very good, that is the attitude in life.

Source: YouTube channel of the program Hoy y Venga la Alegría and Instagram @juan_pablomedina