After 15 years of struggle, Carlos Baute recognizes his lost 33-year-old son

Jose Daniel Arellan is a young man who fought everything from the Spanish legal system to the fans of Carlos Baute that they believed it was impossible for him to be the singer’s son. Thus, he relied on the lawyer Fernando Osuna, known for several cases in Spain of parental affiliation such as that of the unrecognized son of Julio Iglesias or that of the bullfighter El Cordobés.

Carlos Baute had a sentimental relationship with Náreya Arellán when he was 15 years old. The singer at that time lived in Caracas, Venezuela, and with her he had a son, whom he did not recognize. The fight began in 2009, when José Daniel, as a young man, made clear inside and outside the courts the need for him to be recognized by Baute, but it was not until 2013 that they had their first meeting and blood called from the first moment.

Despite the fact that Baute resisted at first, those close to him say that as soon as he looked into José Daniel’s eyes, he felt something strange and it was enough for the young man to smile to know that it was his son.

Carlos Baute did not take long to send a letter to the court making it clear that José Daniel was his son, he apologized to him and offered him his last name to take the first step towards a healthy coexistence.

Today, the singer and José Daniel make up for lost time and are closer than ever, and Exclusively for TVyNovelas, we spoke with the young man’s lawyer, who is already considered the recognized son of Carlos Baute.

I saw a Carlos Baute in love with his son, did he achieve the impossible? Without a doubt, it has been an example for many people, the wonderful reconciliation that has taken place between Carlos Baute and his son José Daniel. In truth, it has been an example to follow for all those parents who are very selfish and for those children who later make difficulties, but here, something that seemed impossible was achieved. What happened? Carlos Baute has had a fantastic behavior, very uplifting, and well, he has seen that she is his son, he reconciled and nothing, they are making strong ties.

How are things between the lawyers? Well, things have already been simpler. Just like one day I told Carlos Baute’s lawyer that we try to bring peace and that Carlos and José Daniel now treat each other like father and son and live together, a week went by like that, then a month and so on and another and another, and without a doubt This is an exemplary case because statistically only four percent reach a good ending like this.

Is it difficult to break the ego of a famous person to accept a child? Yes, the ego is complicated because there are people who, being famous, have great self-esteem and a vanity that would prevent them from recognizing paternity and giving them their rights, almost always when it comes to a personality, children have a very complicated position financially and That is also difficult for them, seeing a son who does not have the same power as you, sometimes they imagine that they are not going to win a trial.

I understand that Baute and his son are fine now, but how are the lawyers doing? Yes, in the judicial sentence Carlos Baute is already indicated as the father, there are litigations that are related to economic issues, but, thanks to the generosity of Carlos Baute and the collaboration of José Daniel, all these issues were already flattened, until now the priority It has been to recover the father and son relationship.

Fernando, will José Daniel’s pension be retroactive? No, the alimony will be from the start of the lawsuit, but so far there is no problem, they understand each other. There is already a love and honestly I do believe that with this the other problems are also alleviated.

José Daniel, how is he? Fine. The economic means that José Daniel had were very deficient, he had a very precarious job and in the middle of the legal fight, suddenly everything changed.


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