After a concert at the Aguascalientes fair, Yuridia could go to jail

Aguascalientes.- Yuridia She is one of the Mexican singers who does not need to be on television to fill palenques or concerts, since most of the success in her career is due to the presentations she makes, since many of her followers feel identified with her songs.

In this sense, the singer appeared in the traditional San Marcos Fairlast Monday, May 2, and what seemed like it was going to be one more concert in his itinerary of presentations, it was not like that, because the controversy broke out when it was revealed that he was infected with Covid-19, and still decided to get on to stage.

“I have to tell you a secret. This show is almost cancelled, shall I tell you why? Because it gave me Covid and here we are giving everything. Whoever wants to kiss me on the mouth is at their own risk,” the singer confessed.

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A PAN deputy assured that if someone denounced her, he could go to prison. Photo: Special.

The interpreter of “Ya te olvidé” made an impact by revealing that her concert was compromised, but this announcement did not go unnoticed by everyone, since Enrique Garcia Lopeza PAN deputy, assured in an interview with Radio Formula that the 35-year-old singer would have committed a serious crime against health and that, if denounced by any of the attendees, she could go to prison.

“He incurred a criminal offense that is punishable by imprisonment and is contemplated in the Penal Code of the State of Aguascalientes”, assured the public servant, who assured that, if this sanction proceeds, the sentence could be from three days to three years.

But García López emphasized that this would only happen if someone who was present at the show and who has been infected filed a complaint: “but for this to happen, a complaint must be filed from the stallholders with whom he could have had contact during the show on the 2 of May”.

So far the health status of the singer is unknown. Photo: Special.

For his part, the director of Sanitary Regulation, Octavio Jimenez Maciaspointed out that although there is no complaint so far, it is also true that there is no evidence that the singer was a carrier of the virus sars cov-2but the health status of the singer is unknown.

So far, neither Yuridia nor her representative have made a statement regarding the statements made by the member of the National Action Party in the state of Aguascalientes.

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