After a serious car accident: “Supernatural” star on the mend

After a serious car accident
“Supernatural” star on the mend

At the weekend, Jensen Ackles has to attend a fan event without his “Supernatural” colleague Jared Padalecki because he was involved in a serious car accident. Now the 39-year-old himself has given the all-clear. Padalecki wants to get back to work soon.

Jared Padalecki is on the mend after his serious car accident. On Instagram he gave his fans an update on their health and thanked them. The actor hopes to be able to return to work later this week.

He writes about a photo of himself and his daughter: “Hello everyone! I want to thank everyone for the love,” said Padalecki. “I am definitely on the mend and hope to return to filming later this week. I am so lucky to have had the best care and to be surrounded by people who love me. So grateful for all of them.”

His “Supernatural” co-star Jensen Ackles reported on the serious car accident at a fan event in New Jersey last Sunday. “He wasn’t driving. He was in the passenger seat and he’s lucky he’s alive,” Ackles said. The airbag caught him. Padalecki feels like after 12 rounds with boxer Mike Tyson. “But he’s fine and on his feet,” Ackles said. “But yeah, it was a really, really bad car accident.”