After almost 40 years of marriage, Arturo Peniche confirms that he is divorcing

After almost 40 years of marriage, Arturo Peniche confirms that he is divorcing. With an unblemished track record, numerous successes and good health, the actor would be thought to have it all. However, there is a situation that afflicts him: his definitive separation from his partner, Gaby Ortiz, with whom since 2020 he began to have differences that they tried to resolve, but in the end they did not succeed.

Since 2020, the actor from “María Mercedes” and “Alborada” shared that he and his wife were living a marital crisis because they were estranged and this caused them to have an unstable relationship; In part, this situation was caused by the pandemic due to the Chinese virus.

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In an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the actor even stated that he did not feel valued in his marriage, which increased the red lights of a possible divorce. Despite this, the couple tried to overcome the differences to continue together; As part of this, Arturo Peniche and Gaby Ortiz wanted to start from scratch, resume their outings as lovers and last April, they made a special trip.

However, this it was not enough because the imminent became reality: the couple decided to divorce after being together for 39 years and having two children together, Brandon and Khiabet Peniche. In this way, they are continuing with their lives on “separate paths”, said the actor in an interview with TVyNotas.

According to Telemundo, the journalist Martha Figueroa commented that “Arturo Peniche finally revealed that he is very single. During the last years she was that she did separate, that she did not (separate) from Gaby Ortiz. They had separated definitively, then they came back, then not always and now he said that there is no longer going to be a reconciliation.

The comment of the also television presenter was confirmed by the same actor, who in an interview for the program “Hoy” pointed out the following: “we are on the right track, I love my children, I love my grandchildren and I love the mother of my children, but everyone is making their life”, according to Millennium.

He also said that they have a healthy relationship, that “until now it is a friendship relationship and that’s it”. Because they are still married, she stated that he hopes that the divorce will take place in a harmonious environment, since “these were years of marriage which I am very grateful for and I also gave those years of marriage.”

When asked about giving and giving love a new chance, he said that “love is not sought, love comes. I think it can come from anywhere, you don’t have to look for it, it just comes”.

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At 60 years of age, which he turned last May, Arturo Peniche dedicates his time to music because it allows you to do catharsis because it offers the opportunity to “fall in love, feel better, relax and even motivate yourself”. In fact, it will offer presentations in Mexico City and promises to offer a pleasant time.

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