After an affair with a Televisa executive and gaining 9 kilos, the protagonist arrives at ‘Hoy’ and sinks ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- a dear protagonist of soap operaswho was 9 years away from the Televisa forums and returned this 2022 to join the cast of Warrior heartappears in networks of today program and hit hard come the joy.

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Is about Natalia Esperonwho from the age of 13 did commercials, and before graduating from Art Education Center (CEA) of Televisa, was the protagonist in the iconic telenovela of 1994, Pink Shoelaces.

The 47-year-old Mexican also participated in melodramas such as The burning torch, The child who came from the sea, For a kiss, The virgin wife Y In the name of lovehowever, after doing True lovesHe announced his retirement in 2013.

As you may recall, the actress married the then tall television executive Pepe Canebut 10 years later they divorced, although they had three children together. The actress did not remarry after her marriage ended.

The beautiful artist kept a low profile after her retirement to devote himself to his family and only some details were known, such as that in 2017 he allegedly underwent a surgery that went wrong, which would have brought him health problems.

And it is that in an interview, the actress revealed that during the time she was not working, she neglected her figure a little and gained 9 kilosHowever, now that he reappeared in the recording forums, he left in shock because it seems that time does not pass and he looks better than ever.

Now, in an interview for The stars and published on social networks today programNatalia was honest about the passionate scenes with her soap opera partners, specifically one that she shared with Diego Olivera (‘Augustus’) and Sabine Moussier (‘Victorian’).

I’m at the house of ‘Augusto’ and ‘Victoriana’. This scene is one of those that are not easy. It’s from when ‘Augusto’ makes love with ‘Victoriana’ and suddenly ‘Guadalupe’ enters his imagination and they’ll see what will happen. They are difficult scenes.”

And she added that these scenes are a bit complicated for her because despite the fact that it is her character and not she who does it, she continues to give her some grief.

Sabine is beautiful, Diego too. Right now we are rehearsing it, we already talked about it but there is a lot of nerve. I just met Diego but he gives me a lot of confidence, he’s very respectful… even if you don’t stain, he is embarrassing. It’s like a nerve… he gives you a little pain, and especially not doing a scene like that for so long, “he commented.

Finally, the actress invited the public not to miss the melodrama, broadcast from Monday to Friday at 4:30 p.m. on The stars.

Source: Twitter @programa_hoy and Instagram @nataliaesperonmx