After an affair with a Televisa producer and surgeries, the former TV Azteca actress leaves ‘Hoy’ and comes to ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- A controversial actress and showgirlwho had a controversial Romance and eventual divorce with a loved one television producerreturn to the rows of Aztec TV because it appears in come the joy to make strong statements.

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It’s about the Cuban Niurka Marcoswho began his artistic career on Televisa in 1998 by participating in I live for Elena. It was at that time that she began a controversial affair with the soap opera producer John Osoriowith whom he procreated Emilio Osorio.

Both separated in the early 2000s, at which time the so-called ‘woman scandal‘ met Bobby Larios when recording Veil (melodrama produced by Osorio), with whom he had a torrid affair and which sparked his divorce from the producer in 2003.

The talented dancer achieved fame not only for being in soap operas like I will never forget you, Three women Y Salomebut for succeeding in the play Adventuress. T

It was also said that it was vetoed from Televisa years ago because they censored his program, although it was never confirmed. In addition, he has been very transparent about the surgeries to which he has submitted to improve his physique, although he has not abused them.

Marcos joined the ranks of the adjust in 2011 and participated in the telenovela Empress and later Juda’s woman. There he also conducted his own program The Niurka Show and was on reality shows like mexico dance Y I’m your double.

Last year, the Cuban visited the today program to be a guest judge for the participants of The Stars Dance Todaywhose second season was won by his daughter Romina Marcos with his dance partner, the Mexican actor Josh Gutierrez.

And although Niurka has already signed a contract with Telemundo and goes to USA to participate in reality The House of Celebrities 2gave an interview for Come the Weekend Joybecause it was not measured in their opinions of Aleida Nunez.

the showgirl ranted against Aleida after his departure from the staging love of threewhere he participated with Yvonne Montero Y Latin Loveramid accusations about his bad attitude. His place was taken by Magaly Chavezcurrent fiancée of Alfredo Adame.

I’m not like that, disgusting. There are people who don’t know how to bear power and it turns it into arrogance and excessive arrogance makes you lose your ground, you lose balance, sooner or later your 20th runs out because nothing is eternal, works are not eternal and the body, beauty, none of that is eternal,” he said.

The Cuban criticized that Aleida had allegedly changed the script of the play to insult Ivonne: “They are unprofessional, excessive, daring but I return to the same thing: it is a bad behavior of the actress. The one they are accusing is Aleida.”

The actress expressed that she considers that Aleida Núñez cannot be considered as a vedette.

She is not a showgirl. No, no, not at all. Vedette is an artist who sings, dances, acts, has technical preparation, has a way with words… no, no, no, she doesn’t lack, she doesn’t have, she’s nothing, she doesn’t exist, “she commented bluntly.

Finally, the controversial dancer declared that the production is also partly to blame for the situation that was experienced within the cast.

That happens in a work because the production allows it. I mean, sorry… I’ve never been in any production where the head allows an actress to do whatever she wants and the day is, I leave immediately.”

Source: Instagram @programahoy, @vengalaalegriatva and @niurka.oficial