After becoming a woman and 30 years on Televisa, the host of ‘Hoy’ is asked for a divorce for ‘unfaithful’

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Mexico City.- The controversial driver and actor Arath of the Towerwho has more than 30 years working for Televisais involved in a tremendous scandal because it was revealed that he would be on the verge of divorce since his wife Susie Lu don’t forgive him for unfaithful.

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It hasn’t been a good few months for the protagonist of novels like Dreamers and a lucky family Well, you have to remember that he faced a hard lossat the end of last 2021 because his father died, Mr. Armando Villanuevaand this situation brought new problems in his mental health.

Arath, who has surprised by his versatility to dress as a woman for skits in Today or musicals like Sugardeclared in full transmission of the morning of Las Estrellas that he had 3 years fighting for his life since he was diagnosed with depressionwhich many times took away the will to live.

And added to these two painful situations, now it is said that the interpreter of The parody, The Simulators Y Before dead than Lichita would be facing another difficult situation because presumably his wife Susie Lu I would be demanding a divorce after 14 years of marriage.

According to what was revealed by TVNotesthe mother of the actor’s three children would have decided to end their relationship after learning that De la Torre was almost unfaithful to her with andrea rodriguezan ex-girlfriend he had before he met her.

An alleged friend of the driver of Today revealed that Susy is very disappointed in Arath because she started to find out and discovered that he did look for Arath’s wife. July Joy with other purposes that were not a simple friendship.

She got furious, she made a tremendous scandal, she told him what it was all about, that he had gone too far. She was very hurt that Arath did that to her, she already knew that he was a happy eye, he did not think he was capable of deceiving her, she hit him very hard, “she uncovered.

Arath de la Torre tried to conquer the wife of Julio Alegría

De la Torre allegedly denied everything and tried to ask her for a second chance, but the soap opera actress would have been very blunt and would be willing to separate from him: “Susy tried to fix things and forgive Arath, she is gaining her dignity, well She is cuckolded, she says that she is the one who makes me laugh, she no longer trusts him and believes that if she forgives him, he will do it again; she is really very hurt”.

Presumably things between De la Torre and his wife are very bad because she did not want to go to Today to celebrate his birthday in March like last year and although they were recently seen vacationing together, they would no longer have a nice relationship.

Susy wants a divorce, because she realized that Arath was the liar. In addition, Susy asked Andrea if she was interested in her husband, but Andrea told her no, that she loved him many years ago, but it ceased to be an issue for her for a long time, that they never had contact again, and she clarified that now she is very happy and in love with Julio,” he added.

Source: TVNotas, YouTube Programa Hoy and Instagram @arathdelatorre