After being arrested, Warner Bross will replace Ezra Miller with Dylan O’Brien as ‘The Flash’

United States.- As the scandal about the actor’s arrest grows Ezra MillerWell, after leaking a video where the moment appears in which he is taken by the police and asked that he did not want the ring of “The Flash” to be removed, fans are eager to know what will happen to his superhero character.

The character “Flash” is known to be a basic character of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU)so it is expected that he will appear in many more films in the coming years, but after the controversy it is speculated that the actor will be replaced.

The accusations against Ezra Millerwho had not revealed his various arrests, but it is well known that the top executives of the big production houses dispense with the actors who get into legal trouble or for much less.

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Bearing this in mind, the rumor is getting stronger that the house Warner Bros He has already considered replacing Miller, so they are in the stage of selecting the candidates to replace him.

It is said that they are already in the stage of selecting the candidates to replace Miller. Photo: Special.

So far it is known that the list is long of the actors that Warner has to replace Ezra as “The Flash”; However, US media assure that a source close to the production assured that he is Dylan O’Brien the one selected to be the next to wear the costume of the fastest superhero in the world DCEU.

The 30-year-old actor is famous for his collaborations both on television and in film, including the series of mtv “Teen Wolf”. He also played the main character in “Love and Monsters”.

For their part, comic fans have their own choices, and another who sounds strong on social networks is the actor Grant Gustinwho has already performed a version of “The Flash” for the ArrowVerse from TheCW.

Despite the above, insiders say that Warner Bros could opt for someone new like Dylan O’Brien to replace Ezra Miller. Although so far it is a mystery how they will fit this change in the narrative of the DCEU.

He is about to lose his job after leaking a video in which he is arrested. Photo: Special.

However, it transpired that Warner Bros Discovery is eager to have a review of the property, which is why there could be any number of changes to make it work. As such, all fans will have to wait and see what happens with Ezra Miller and what Warner Bros’ final decision is on this matter.

Fans stay tuned for updates on “The Flash,” any potential replacements, and Miller’s own situation as we get them.

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