After Booba, it’s Aqababe’s turn to swing on Magali Berdah!

Through Tristan Mieger

– Published on Jan 26, 2023 at 4:00 PM

For Sam Zirah, Aqababe admits having been under contract with Magali Berdah to protect the candidates of Shauna Events.

For several months now, Magali Berdah is in turmoil. Indeed, the star agent of reality TV candidates, undergoes real harassment from Booba. It must be said that the latter, launched his war against the influencers. And it’s not going to get any better. A few hours ago, it was Aqababe’s turn to make a surprising revelation about the boss of Shauna Events. Explanations.

Aqababe claims to have been paid by Magali Berdah

When Booba has a target, he does not let go. And Magali Berdah knows something about it. Indeed, for several months, the young woman has been accused by the rapper of scams on the internet. Accusations, which lead to cyber-harassment from the singer’s fans. A situation, which is slowly killing her: ”It destroyed my life, it didn’t change my life. It really destroyed my life. Because, when you open your phone, you get insulted, you open the Internet, you see your address broadcast, you have to move“. And when it’s not the Duc de Boulogne who takes it out on her, it’s someone else.

In an interview for Sam Zirah, Aqababe swung on Magali Berdah. Indeed, the blogger revealed in particular that he had been under contract with her. For him to disclose certain information to him: I was under contract at Shauna Events, but not as an influencer, I was there as a blogger. I was paid not to divulge certain information (…) It is real. She paid me 5000 euros per month (…) Either she gave me information. She had the filming info so she gave me the info from the Marseillais. She told me who was leaving the set, who was entering, etc. It was my mole!“.