After breaking up with Nodal, Belinda reveals that she misses Mexico

Since his separation with Christian Nodal was announced, Belinda She has been involved in all kinds of scandals, which led her to be absent from social networks for a couple of months so as not to notice all the hate and criticism that users left her on her profiles.

After staying away from the public eye for several weeks, the Spanish actress reappeared on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards ceremony, where she took the opportunity to open up to the press and confessed What do you miss most about living in Mexico?.

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According to the statement of the princess of Latin pop, now that she is living on Spanish land began to long for the cries of street vendors that he listened to every time he got up, and he even mentioned that he really craves Oaxacan tamales.

“What I miss the most being here in Spain is that voice, in the mornings, which is ‘Oaxaqueño tamales, warm tamales’, oh! I want to hear that voice, I miss it. You don’t know how I miss it, that wonderful part that only Mexico has… oh, but how do I want some Oaxacan tamales!”, explained the interpreter of ‘Luz singravida’.

In addition, the ex-fiancée of the Mexican regional exponent took the opportunity to announce that plans to stay a long time in Spain, and mentioned that at the moment he has many projects on the horizon that he still needs to finish before he is back in Mexico.

“I stayed here to live for work, yes, of course, I am living here for a while, but It’s because I have several projects, I still can’t say what projects they are, but it’s for work and I like Spain, it’s a very beautiful country. It’s a season, you have to be like a nomad, you have to be where work calls you”, Said the famous protagonist of children’s soap operas.

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As if that were not enough, Belinda was questioned about the funny imitations she did when she was a special guest on a Spanish program, where defended Mexico with cape and sword before the driver’s statements, and assured that he will advocate for the country that saw him grow up to the last breath of his existence.

“They can’t imitate us Mexicans with the voice of ‘man, the mariachi,’ well no. Each one has his personality and Mexico is Mexico, always I will defend him until the last day of my life”, he commented.

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