After changes in TV Azteca, in ‘Ventaneando’ they celebrate that there will be “more” freedom

This Monday, August 15, was the first day that TV Azteca no longer had sandra smester as General Director of Content and Distribution of the channel, and it is noted that this new stage will be reflected in ‘Ventaneando’.

And it is that Sandra Smester went to Telemundo and even showed off her badgebut that means that on TV Azteca there could be radical changes in the programming where ‘Exatlón’ and other reality shows reigned.

In social networks there is even a pool about which Ajusco drivers will go with Smester to Telemundo. On Twitter there is a parody account called ‘La Tía Sandra’, where they published a survey that lists some of the former TV Azteca executive’s favorite hosts.

While there are changes on the television, in ‘Ventaneando’ it was noted that something changed, and even Daniel Bisogno was honest about it. On the first day without Sandra, the presenter celebrated:

“Today, starting today, we can say everything we think, as we always have, but more!” Bisogno said on air.. It should be remembered that in recent weeks, Pati Chapoy and her collaborators criticized “La Academia” live, but when they uploaded the video to the “Ventaneando” YouTube channel, they deleted those fragments.

Watch the first minutes of the August 15 program:

Meanwhile, there is already talk that Pati Chapoy could fill the vacancy of General Director of Content and Distribution of TV Azteca, although others assure that it will be Adrian Ortega Echegollen who will take the place of Sandra Smester on an interim basis.