After Charlène’s public appearance: Prince Albert talks about her health

Princess Charlène is back! Last Saturday, the 44-year-old appeared in public for the first time after her stay in a Swiss special clinic. The princess was with her husband, Prince Albert (64), and their two children, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (both 7), at a race in the Formula E World Championship in Monaco.

Public appearance: Charlène seems sad and listless

At the award ceremony in Monte Carlo, the whole family stood together on the stage – while the children in particular were obviously having fun, Charlène’s performance gave some observers cause for concern. The princess made a sad impression, she often seemed listless. In the pictures she can be seen with a blank stare and a petrified expression.

Prince Albert on Charlène’s health: “She’s doing very well”

Prince Albert traveled to Sweden on Thursday (5 May). In Gothenburg, he received “The Perfect World Foundation Award” for his commitment to the environment. Charlène is absent from this performance at her husband’s side, which again led to speculation about her health.

Prince Albert has with the Swedish newspaper “quickdraws“talked about Charlène’s absence. “She’s doing very well,” said the 64-year-old. After her performance in Monaco last Saturday, the princess will soon be appearing in public again, Albert stressed. However, Royal experts believe that the 44-year-old is not yet healthy again.

Princess Charlene of Monaco was visited by her children and husband Albert in Africa.  The family also wants to be together at Christmas.  The princess is currently in a clinic in Switzerland.

Princess Charlène: Does she want to leave Monaco with her children?


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Charlène was treated in a Swiss special clinic

Charlène was in her native South Africa for a long time last year. Her return to Monaco was relatively short, because she soon went to Switzerland for treatment in a special clinic. It was said that she had to recover from “physical and emotional exhaustion”.

It remains to be seen whether more public appearances by Princess Charlène will follow or whether it will initially remain an attempt. At the award ceremony in Monaco, it became clear how much the strenuous time in South Africa and Switzerland had drained the 44-year-old.

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