After coming out of the closet and spending 18 years on Televisa, the controversial host leaves ‘VLA’ and makes his debut on ‘Hoy’?

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Mexico City.- A controversial driver, who in the past worked for 18 years in Televisaleft the morning forum come the joy and a few hours ago he made his debut on another show. did she return to Today?

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It is about the controversial communicator Horacio Villalobos, who is openly gay for many years and who debuted on the San Ángel television station in 1992 when appearing on broadcasts of the channels ECHO and Telehit What Scape valve and From Gayolain addition to being part of the cast of the morning Today.

However, after ending up in lawsuits, the actor also swore that he would never return to the ranks of Televisa and a few years ago he made his debut in Aztec TV.

First they hired ‘Horacitu’ as host of the program Showbiz 40then he was a judge on the reality show The academy in 2018 and in 2020 he joined the cast of the morning show of the Azteca Uno channel VLA.

However, at the end of last Friday’s broadcast in come the joyVillalobos left the forum to finally make his debut in another successful program but not in San Ángel or in another company, but within the Ajusco television station.

It turns out that the driver of 51 years first came to the night show hosted by his partner ‘El Capi’ Perez titled The Resolana Nius.

A couple of years ago Horacio had already been invited to participate in the Sunday broadcast of this program, The Resolanabut on that occasion he only appeared through a video call in which he also participated Curvy Zelma.

Source: Instagram @aztecauno and @laresolanamx