After criticism of Karl Lauterbach

When asked about his accusation that Minister of Health Lauterbach was scaring the population, Brink said on t-online: “Of course, one of the tasks of a Minister of Health is to point out dangers. In this respect, my statement is a spontaneous exaggeration due to emotion, which I would not repeat .”

“I did not say that”

Russian President Vladimir Putin described Brink as “that little asshole” during his appearance. “The blow should hit him when he poops,” he called out to the audience. The “” portal also quotes the singer as follows: “What is this person doing to other people? Why aren’t only military targets being attacked, but civilians also being shot? Even if the others are of course just as to blame if I look at them Look at the past like that. But the trigger is Putin.”

When asked by t-online who he meant by “the others” and why they were to blame for the war, Brink claimed not to have given this part of the statement. “It is clear, and I said so, that Putin alone is responsible for the war of aggression and thus for the atrocities,” he says. “I didn’t say the partial quote you gave about the ‘guilt of others’,” Brink continues.

The viewers of the “Schlagernacht des Jahres” will not see Brink’s statements anyway. The event will be broadcast on Friday on Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb). The broadcaster confirmed to “” that only a “compilation of ‘Schlagernacht'” will be broadcast, since the show is limited to 90 minutes. “Anyone who has watched the recording in recent years knows that any dialogue by the artists during their performances will be cut out anyway,” said the broadcaster.