After Djamila-Diss, celebrities attack Lucas Cordalis


Lucas Cordalis made it into the last three participants.picture: rtl

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Sophia Sehermann

Lucas Cordalis, the self-proclaimed jungle prince with the previous clean image, keeps shooting himself offside in the jungle camp with problematic statements. After the 55-year-old hadn’t said anything at all from the spectator’s point of view in the first few days at the camp, he started with various taunts in the second week – and got involved in several arguments.

At first, a saying by Cordalis annoyed the TV viewers: During a joint food test with Gigi and Dads, Lucas claimed that he didn’t have that much “exercise in swallowing”. A few days later, he enraged his fellow campers and the show’s fans when he said that Cosimo had his days when he was emotionally reacting to something.

Lucas shoots too sharply against Djamila

In the show on Saturday, however, Lucas Cordalis crowned his previous verbal failures. At one game, Djamila said to Lucas when it came to why one should be crowned king of the jungle: “Preserving family honor is not enough reason for me. I would find it nicer if there was more depth and soul behind it would.”

Later on the jungle phone, Lucas showed how angry he was about Djamila’s statement and chose hurtful words for his comrade-in-arms:

“She can’t understand that. She grew up in the home anyway.”

Lucas Cordalis

RTL celebrities attack Cordalis

The incident is also discussed in the RTL program “The hour after”. The celebrities present there agree: Lucas went too far with this statement. Presenter Olivia Jones thinks: “The home saying was too crass. With someone who is otherwise so composed, it weighs even more heavily.”

Ex-jungle camp participant Linda Nobat also agrees: “With that he has crossed a line. I’m a Lucas Cordalis fan, but he said something that isn’t right. That is intolerable at all.”

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Satire star Lutz van der Horst is also disappointed with Lucas Cordalis in the jungle camp. He says of his performance: “I find that too little. Apparently he wants to be the perfect beam man, but I don’t think that’s up-to-date anymore.Van der Horst goes on to say that having to spend two weeks with someone who never talks about their emotions or personal life would drive him “insane”.

Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals


Jungle camp: These stars caused the biggest scandals

source: rtl

Peter Klein defends his son-in-law

Only Australia companion Peter Klein defends Lucas’ behavior in the jungle camp. The 63-year-old makes it clear: “Lucas is not fake. He has a style that many don’t understand. He has values ​​that no longer count. He doesn’t become aggressive. The boys only know permanent attacking and can’t deal with it. ” He also defends Lucas’ style: “He is generally a very closed person.”

However, when asked about the home statement, Peter Klein admits: “The choice of words may have been absolutely wrong in that case, but it wasn’t meant that way.” Cordalis only expressed himself “very, very unhappy”. Rather, Lucas would probably regret that Djamila would not have grown up in such a “loving family”.

In the second week of the current jungle camp season, things get really turbulent. After Lucas Cordalis could hardly be seen in the first few days, he suddenly came into focus – but not in a positive way. In Thursday’s edition, for example, a dispute between him, Gigi and Dad’s escalated after a food test. In the end, Lucas advised Gigi to reconsider his upbringing. Several fans put forward the thesis that Lucas previously intentionally failed the exam. But that is not how it remains.