“After everything they’ve said about me, I’m not worried about telling the truth”

Fernando Reina, husband of Galilea Montijogave the “blessing” to his wife and the authorization to touch on personal issues in the program divine nets, which could be uncomfortable for the cheerleader. And it is that now that Guadalajara is integrated into the production of Miguel Ángel Fox, the politician, with whom she has been married for more than 10 years, asked her to show herself openly and not fear reprisals for dusting off the love episodes of the artist when she was nicknamed “The Runaway Bride.”

Consuelo Duval, Natalia Tellez, Paola Rojas and Daniela Magun They welcomed Montijo, hugged her and were happy with her arrival, although many claimed that there was already friction between them. “I sit where they tell me, because later they say that I came to take their place,” Galilea joked with her new co-workers during her presentation as the fifth “Neta”.

“THERE WERE MANY CONDITIONS” “Many things excite me, the first is to be next to these women that I know from different situations, although I know Chulis (Natalia Téllez) a little more, but above all I am excited to work with women who are kitchen sinks, women warriors, who already finally we are mothers, with something in common, that we are hard workers. I come to add, to have fun, so that the public also has fun; I really wanted to do other things, and when Fox spoke to me I said yes, that I was happy to accept. Of course, there were many conditions, they say out there… Not even that I had the power! ”, Said the also actress before the rumors that she had demanded to change the forum and go from XEW to Televisa San Ángel. “This move was something that I fought for years,” producer Miguel Ángel Fox insisted.

“I DON’T WORRY TELLING THE TRUTH” According to the presenter of the morning newspaper Hoy, when she received the invitation from the creator of Who is the mask? every morning in the broadcast commanded by Andrea Rodríguez.

“In this type of format, it’s like being with friends, pouring you coffee, wine, and talking about what we really think, openly. I started in 1994, at Ritmoson Latino, and I remember that back then we couldn’t even say the word ‘wey’, the cameras couldn’t move them, the cameramen couldn’t even hear each other. Let’s say that I come from that school where everything was different, but fortunately many things have changed, the way of making television, above all, and I find it wonderful. For me this is a good sign, because these were the same dressing rooms of Foro 7, where I took my first steps on television”.

The former beauty queen affirms that she is delighted with the proposal, and more so with the fact that they allow her to show herself as a woman that, perhaps, many do not know. “After everything they’ve said about me, I’m not worried about telling the truth. On the contrary, I really appreciate the opportunity. I told my husband about Netas, and he told me: ‘It’s about them being netas, what are you going to talk about the day they talk about their ex-partners? If you don’t say it, how lazy! I wouldn’t even see you. He loved how I am on shows like I Fall Over Laughing, and he asks me to be like that here. He wants it to be me, so I have his blessing.”


That it be authentic, that it have no filters or cover-ups, was the recommendation that the producer of Netas divinas gave to Galilea Montijo now that she joins the women’s team. “We want you to bring your essence, your angle, that you dare to say anything, because this is like being in a room talking,” Miguel Ángel Fox told the star of Little Giants.