After exhibiting the Televisa catalog and gaining 25 kilos, the villain resigns from ‘Hoy’ and joins ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- A controversial actress, who exhibited the controversial ‘catalogue’ of Televisa actresses a few years ago, he joined come the joy in Aztec TV after being in the today program and have gained 25 kilos.

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Is about Alexandra Avaloswho debuted on Televisa almost 40 years ago and was part of melodramas like Die twice, The burning torch, Dreamers, I will always love you Y Bet on a love.

after doing May God forgive you 7 years ago, the soap opera villain She stopped appearing in the company and since then she has been involved in various controversies, such as the fact that in 2017 she confirmed that the “catalogue” of Televisa actresses presumably did exist.

This alleged catalogue, in which there were allegedly actresses who were offered to investors of the company and in return they would receive career opportunitieswas always a taboo subject and a kind of ‘urban legend’ in the medium.

However, Ávalos was in charge of confirming it before the cameras, leaving everyone in shock. The actress assured that the objective was for actresses to do intimate “favors” in exchange of protagonists. He even said that she was invited but he declined her offer.

Up to a million pesos per night when one accompanied an executive or client of Televisa. Until that moment, well, I respect the people who dedicate themselves to that, but I did not agree to participate, that was about 25, 30 years ago, “he said then

Later, before the commotion, she assured that they misunderstood her and that this allegedly happened without the consent of the television station. Although it was believed that she was vetoed for this, the actress appeared in the today program as a guest.

The only time they have banned from television, as she confirmed, is when she wanted to dedicate herself more to music. This cost executives to veto her for 5 years and she was left out of the soap opera The white and the black.

after two difficult divorces and reveal that one of her ex-partners did it lose all your savingsÁvalos confessed a few weeks ago that due to health problems he ended gaining 25 kiloswhich works on losing.

Now, after his career on Televisa, Ávalos appears again on Aztec TV and visit the morning come the joy to participate in the section ‘There is no middle ground‘, conducted by Laura G, together with Tomas Goros, Kristal Silva, Ricardo Casares and an expert.

This Thursday’s theme was “He’s jealous of me because he loves me or is afraid that I’ll be unfaithful” and the debate was very good, so they sure hit the competition’s morning audience hard.

Source: YouTube channel of Programa Hoy and Imagen Entertainment, Instagram @vengalaalegriatva