After her funeral, Lisa Marie Presley was buried at Graceland: years ago she revealed why she didn’t like the cemetery | Famous

However, in the past, the ex-wife of Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cages had expressed her dislike for that place.

Lisa Marie Presley didn’t like the Graceland garden where she was buried

In Memphis (Tennessee, United States) is a 13.6-acre (almost 6 hectares) mansion that Elvis Presley bought for $100,000 in 1957.

In this place the singer was buried, as well as his two parents and, after the death of the ‘king of rock’, it passed into the hands of his only daughter. It was in 1982 when Lisa Marie Presley decided to open it to the public and generate some income from charging admission, but this does not mean that she kept a positive image of the property.

In 2003, seeking to make her own way in music, Elvis Presley’s only daughter released the song ‘Lights Out’, in which she referred to the Graceland garden as “cursed” in one verse:

“Someone turned out the lights in Memphis / oh, that’s where my family is buried and gone / oh, yeah / last time I was there I noticed an empty space / oh, next to them in Memphis, yeah / in the damn backyard.”

“Someone turned the lights out there in Memphis / oh, that’s where my family’s buried and gone / oh yeah / last time I was there I noticed a space left / oh, next to them there in Memphis, yeah / in the damn back lawn “.

When questioned by ‘Playboy’ that same year about why he qualified it this way, he replied:

“Because I couldn’t put ‘back garden son of a…’. It didn’t work melodically.”

In a more serious tone, Lisa Marie Presley explained:

“Graceland’s backyard is a graveyard, basically. How many people have family graves in the backyard? How many people are reminded of their destiny, their mortality, every day? All the graves are lined up and there is a place there, waiting for me, right next to my grandmother.”

When asked if she “planned to be buried there,” she said:

“I don’t plan anything. I’m sure I’ll end there.”

Of course, with the sarcastic tone that distinguished her, Lisa Marie Presley also commented on how her death could help bring more visitors to Graceland:

“Or I’ll put my head in a glass box (and display it) in the living room, so I’ll attract more tourists.”

The truth is that Lisa Marie Presley had another reason for not enjoying the mansion that belonged to Elvis: she was there the day the ‘King of Rock’ died.

In fact, according to what was published in the aforementioned magazine, the then girl “saw how people tried to resuscitate him and asked ‘What’s wrong with my daddy? There’s something wrong with my daddy and I’m going to find out’.”

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