After Kate Bush, it’s Metallica’s turn to hit with “Stranger Things”

“Master of Puppets”, Metallica’s iconic title, released in 1986, appears in the last episodes of season 4 broadcast last week. And since then, the group has climbed the rankings.

Season 4 of Stranger Things will have definitely upset the Top 50. After bringing up to date Running Up That Hillhit by Kate Bush released in 1985, this fourth salvo gives new impetus to Master of PuppetsMetallica track dated 1986.

Netflix unveiled the final two episodes of the season on Friday, where the heavy metal band’s track is used for the soundtrack. Since then, listening to the song has exploded on streaming platforms. 36 years after its release, it ranks this Monday 17th in the Top 50 Spotify worldand 51st in Top 100 Apple Music. His progression is even more impressive in the American rankings: 10th on Spotify, 31st on Apple Music.

Same success on the iTunes platform, where Master of Puppets arrives 10th in the Top World this Monday according to Kworb. She even grabbed the top spot on the iTunes rock chart, according to the New York Post.

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Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush experienced the same fate as the Metallica song, thanks to the first part of this fourth season, available since May 27. The song, used in two scenes, quickly found its way at the top of the Top iTunes and different platforms, before also going up in the official charts.

She came in fourth on the Billboard chart in the United States and UK Top 40 premiere. See you at the end of the week, when the new rankings are released, to find out if Metallica is heading for the same feat.

Set in 1980s America, Stranger Things follows a gang of children and their supernatural adventures in the small town of Hawkins, between incursions of a parallel world into their daily lives and interference from the secret services. A real phenomenon since its launch in 2016, it has become a flagship of Netflix, breaking viewing records with each new season.