After kissing with an actor and 14 years on Televisa, the host leaves ‘Hoy’ and they present his replacement

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Mexico City.- A beloved host and actor, who has 14 years forming part of the ranks of Televisacaused shock because yesterday morning, Wednesday, March 23, he did not appear in the program Today.

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It is also the comedian Paul Stanleystudied acting in the San Ángel company and made his debut on the small screen with the series Wholesale Market in 2008 and then he was called to do some novels like chameleons, I am your master and A refuge for love.

The son of paco stanley has given a lot to talk about due to the way he gets along with colleagues like Raul ‘El Negro’ Araizawith whom even last week he returned to star in a risque scene in the middle of the forum of members on air after months before they will kiss on the mouth.

The “Negrito” and “Poli” participated in a dynamic where they showed how they seduce their partner and without caring about being in front of the cameras, they did everything.

Stanley, who already has 36 yearsis one of the favorite members of Todayan issue to which it arrived for the first time between 2012-2014 and later returned in 2017 and continues to be active to date.

However, this past Wednesday he was not leading the morning of Las Estrellas and so far the reason is unknown. In the frame it was possible to see only Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta and Arath of the Tower joining the main cast.

It is believed that Paul was not on the show because he has a very tight schedule as he is still in the recordings of the second season of losing the judgmenta series in which he stars.

And as has happened on previous occasions, yesterday, Thursday, the production company Andrea Rodriguez Doria he reached for a guest driver to replace Stanley and again it was the former Mexican soccer player Moses Munoz.

Source: Instagram @programahoy and YouTube Unicable