After love-off with Jörg Pilawa: daughter Emmy continues to float on cloud 9

The news came completely unexpected: After 16 years of marriage, Jörg Pilawa (56) and his wife Irina (50) separated in May. Unexpectedly, mostly because the couple kept affirming how much they were infatuated with each other. “We are happy to wake up next to each other and love each other for what the other can do,” enthused the teacher eleven years after their special wedding in Congo. Now everything is over. How are the children Nova (10), Juri (18) and Emmy (21) doing with the situation? The eldest daughter hasn’t even taken off her rose-colored glasses yet.

More about the love life of Pilawa’s daughter Emmy can be found in the video above.

Jörg Pilawa: His daughter wants to be an actress

If you click through the photos on Emmy Pilawa’s Instagram account, it’s immediately clear: the young woman is a real natural beauty – and everyone can see that. Because the 21-year-old wants to be in front of the camera like her dad. Not as a moderator, but as an actress. Because Pilawa’s daughter Emmy attends an acting school and wants to gain a foothold in the industry, as the moderator reveals in an interview with the editorial network Germany. His daughter deliberately did not apply there with her family name, “she makes her own way there,” says the 56-year-old. Of course, she’s sometimes asked for her name, her name isn’t Meier, Müller, Schulze. “But she says it hasn’t affected her much so far.” And he adds: “She has great talent.” He says that not only as a proud father, but also as someone who has already seen her on stage.