After participating in foreign productions, actress Anais Almonte dreams of working in her native Dominican Republic

As part of the Dominicans who fulfill their dreams outside of Dominican territory, the Creole actress Anais Almonte has participated in foreign productions, but her next goal is to win roles in her native country, as she announced in an interview she gave for the media. Dominican Diaspora, where he affirmed that it is time to take that step and win over his compatriots with his talent.

About Anais Almonte

An actress from Santo Domingo who has stood out on international stages, she raises our flag high. At the age of 18, Anais went to the United States to fulfill her dreams as an actress, despite all the obstacles present, such as being an immigrant and not knowing the English language, this did not stop her from fighting for her dreams.

The action actress told us several events in her life that we detail below, said by herself.

My childhood, like many others, was a little troubled. When my parents separated, that greatly affected my behavior. Well, I became very rebellious and I grew up with many emotional traumas that later affected my way of being in life. My father was very strict, being in the military his whole life greatly influenced the way he brought us up, but I also had a very fun childhood. I grew up with four brothers and we always played together after school.

We loved to play wrestling, we even took the mattresses out of the room to fight on them, even though I was one of the minors, I was always the leader of the group. They always did everything I told them to.

I always gave my parents a headache, I was practically the black sheep of the house. I behaved so badly that they even kicked me out of a school, they told my parents that I was very intelligent, but that in behavior I had 0 and that they didn’t want me at school. At the age of 17 I left home, my poor mother suffered a lot for me, but she always understood me and supported me in all my decisions. She was very naughty, but despite everything my mother and father have been my biggest inspiration in life and my dreams. They were proud of me, my family means everything to me.

When I watched action movies, it always caught my attention. I saw myself in those characters, especially Angelina Jolie’s character in Tom Rider, I loved those characters of strong women and heroines.

When I took my first acting classes at Dominican Republic with the director Alfonso Rodríguez, at that moment I realized that acting was what I was truly passionate about. That’s why I decided to go to the United States to fight for my dreams of being an actress on the big screen.

I would say that the Delusional movie was one of the most difficult to work on, because I was involved in all aspects, from writing the script, casting, production and playing the lead, especially since it’s a character from “Elizabeth” is an insane woman. , required a very intense level of preparation. We filmed for two months without stopping. Even though I have an amazing team, it was also a great challenge for me to be involved in all the creative parts of making this movie.

One of the most amazing experiences for me was working on the set of She-Hulk for Marvel, being there was like a dream come true. Maybe because I have always identified with action and superhero movies. I went from playing WWE in my neighborhood to working in one of the most recognized superhero productions in the world, there are no words.

I would love to work in a production in my beautiful country where I grew up, it is one of my dreams.

I have not been in any production in my country yet, when I came to the United States I focused on working in the American market, but it is time for me to participate in one of the productions in my country, especially with the good work that is has been doing here.

I think there has been a great development in Latino cinema in recent years, especially with film technology. For me, it has evolved quite a bit, social, political and economic genres, especially Latin American cultures and customs, continue to be explored at a broader level in most productions.