After returning to Televisa, Mónica Noguera leaves ‘DPM’ and Gustavo Adolfo Infante enlists his replacement

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Mexico City.- It has been confirmed that the beloved driver Monica Noguera will leave the program First hand amid rumors that he will return to work with Televisa and now it has come to light Gustavo Adolfo Infante I would already have your replacement.

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As is known, last week a rumor emerged that the ex-wife of Forest Memo would leave to return to San Ángel, but she immediately broke the silence and confessed that she was abandoning the project but assured that she would not leave. TV picture.

From Imagen Television, I’m not leaving, they’ll probably see me with Ciro, Paco Zea, How Cool!, with Sale el Sol, with Yuri, we don’t know… I’m not leaving from Imagen, look, from here to old lady, I hope”, Monica said live on DPM.

However, there are people who continue to think that Noguera will return to Televisa because he has been appearing on several of their programs, although only as guest. In 2020 she was a participant in the reality show Warriors 2020 and has even given several exclusive interviews to the program Today.

Also, a few months ago he appeared in the series losing the judgment that produces her ex-husband and also joined Israel Khaitovich during a comedy broadcast sketch More night.

Yesterday afternoon, Monday, April 25, the journalist Alex Kaffie leaked information that Gustavo Adolfo would be about to choose the host who will take Moni’s place and it is a controversial Televisa presenter.

Supposedly the controversial driver will make a casting to elect the best candidate but the name of one of them is the one that sounds the strongest to keep the position:

I know the names of the whores who will attend the test, but of all the one who is ahead is Marie Claire Harpthe beautiful Venezuelan who has been working in Mexico for some time and who currently works in Bandmax.

Source: El Heraldo de México, YouTube First Hand, Programa Hoy and Instagram @monanoguera