After severe Covid illness: Christian Kahrmann celebrates TV comeback

After severe Covid illness
Christian Kahrmann celebrates TV comeback

Christian Kahrmann was in a coma for 17 days in spring 2021. The actor had contracted Sars-CoV-2. The way back to normal life is difficult for the 49-year-old. He has to cope with several strokes of fate. Now the “Lindenstrasse” star is back in front of the camera.

Christian Kahrmann is back after a difficult year. The actor fell seriously ill with Covid-19 in March 2021 and was in a coma for 17 days. After waking up, he found out about his father’s death. He was also infected with the corona virus. A few days later, his mother died of cancer. Now the “Lindenstrasse” star is coming back to life and in front of the camera. “Now I finally feel fit again,” he told the “Bild am Sonntag”.

“I’m doing a lot of yoga at the moment and I’m slowly starting to do sports again. I still have to hold back with more strenuous disciplines. Otherwise, normal life and work are my best therapy,” said the 49-year-old. He recently shot a Netflix film in Prague, now he is in front of the camera for the ARD series “Asbest”: “Finally a little normality is returning to my life.”

Kahrmann is certain that his “experiences won’t disappear again at the push of a button”. “But time heals all wounds, at least little by little,” he said. In order to process his experiences, he went to professional psychological help. “Just going on living as if nothing had happened, I can only advise against that. You can’t cope with such a fate alone.”

Christian Kahrmann played the role of Benny Beimer in “Lindenstrasse” from 1985 to 1993. In 2010 and 2020, the TV star returned to the popular series as a guest. He is also known from films such as “Bang Boom Bang”, “The Tribunal” and from the series “One Like None”.