After sinking Galilea Montijo and ending up penniless, the Televisa actor arrives at ‘Hoy’ and sinks ‘VLA’

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Mexico City.- A famous first television actorwho a few years ago put in his place Galilea Montijo and recently declared that he ran out of savingsarrive at today program to sink the rating of the competition of Aztec TV, come the joy.

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Is about Rafael Inclanwho lost its exclusive contract on television in 2016 after almost 10 years with her, however, the 81-year-old actor, who became a leading man on the small screen despite all odds, is back in soap operas.

As will be remembered, Inclán debuted in the telenovela live a littlein 1985. He also acted in The mischievous dreamer, Wild Rose, Friends and rivals, Class 406, Rebel, Iron Soul, My heart is yours, My husband has more familyamong other.

And now he joined the cast of the new melodrama called The Heritage with the character of ‘don agustin‘. The telenovela premieres next Monday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m. The Stars and is starring michelle renaud and Matias Novoa.

As will be recalled, the file theater icon declared last year that was left in ruin because although he has had a prolific and long career, he did not save, so he had no inheritance to leave and lived up to date.

The so-called heartthrob of the ‘sexicomedias‘ stated that the pandemic and the unemployment he suffered for a few months affected him financially, despite the fact that he had been working at Televisa for 36 years.

I have never saved, I have never had (too much)… you have what you have to live on or to share with your family, but I have never been an economically organized person,” he said.

Despite that bad moment, now the actor is back in soap operas and goes to today program this Monday, March 21 to promote the melodrama and invite the public, after 13 years ago he had a ‘run-in’ with Galilea Montijo.

  • The time he put Galilea Montijo in her place

On May 17, 2009, during the program Make me laugh and you’ll be a millionaire of Televisa, the conductors Galilea Montijo and Roxana Castellanos they played a prank on the deceased Sammy Perez which infuriated Inclan.

And it is that in the program the famous ones did comedy sketches and the actor was among the jury. The drivers decided to leave Sammy alone in a dressing room after stripping him of his clothes and the company’s security team arrived to “sanction” him.

The comedian was quite scared, so Inclán assured that the joke It was disrespectful to Sammy, since he told them that they knew he had a small disability and still “they discriminated“.

With all due respect, the joke is very well done, long, and with all due respect, it is disrespectful to Sammy’s conditions.”

This provoked a heated discussion between Galilea and Inclán, since the driver of the Today claimed that Sammy was “a normal person”, although the actor insisted that this was not a joke for Sammy.

Now, although he has given several interviews for TV Azteca, to programs like windowingInclan decided to stay in the San Angel TV and will go to the morning, because that encounter happened 13 years ago, so it is already part of the past.

Source: Instagram @programahoy, @rafaelinclan and @laherencia_tv and YouTube channel of Programa Hoy