After sinking Legarreta and lesbian affair, controversial actress leaves TV Azteca and ‘returns’ to ‘Hoy’

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Mexico City.- A controversial actress, who recently admitted that had affairs with women‘reappeared’ this Tuesday morning the program Today after having given exclusive interviews to various broadcasts of Aztec TV.

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This is also the Mexican singer Lupita D’Alessiowho is considered one of the greatest interpreters that Mexico has given, which has led her to appear in several soap operas. Televisa What Letters with no destinationPigeon, pact of loveThe black and whiteamong other.

The call ‘Sleeping Lioness’ She has been married more than five times and has had terrible love disappointments, however, she assures that despite everything, she lived a full life. She also shocked her by revealing that she also had lesbian love affairs.

I had two relationships, but I had kisses there, encounters there… she was a very beautiful woman, she was a precious woman. Yes, suddenly in the blowout she gave herself… I tried a little bit of everything, of course, fully, fully, “she said in an interview with Adele Michael.

In recent years, Lupita has been a bit distant from the San Ángel company and has shown that she prefers emissions from Aztec TVwhere he already worked with the melodrama They, innocent or guilty.

In addition to declaring himself a number one fan of Exathlon Mexicothe singer has given exclusive interviews to Borghetti Duck from come the joy Y Pati Chapoy in windowing.

And it is that as will be remembered, D’Alessio had a strong lawsuit with various personalities from Televisa such as Galilea Montijo Y Andrea Legarretawho even once threatened to “gouge out his eyes” for an alleged mockery of his son.

However, these grudges are already in the past and today, Tuesday morning, both hosts of the program Today they spoke wonders of the ‘Sleeping Lioness’.

It turns out that the driver Raul ‘El Negro’ Araiza He confessed this morning that on one occasion Lupita had hinted at him and clarified that they had had nothing else because of their wide age difference: “No, I love it, I would never have forgiven him, just because I’m a friend of your children.”

At this statement, Andy immediately intervened and told the mother of Ernest D’Alessio that she looks prettier and jovial than her partner.

In addition, Lupita, you look very good and ‘El Negro’ is already reaching you”.

For his part, Galilea recommended the interpreter “not to be limited” by a number: “Kisses to Lupita, we love you.”

Source: YouTube Today Program, La Saga, Instagram @ventaneandouno and @soylupitadalessio