After the bad buzz video, she says she is the victim of “a false rumor” and comes out of silence to deny

Afida Turner is angry. While she was accused by two TikTok accounts of being the woman filmed in a business in the United States in the midst of a crisis, she categorically denied. She breaks the silence through a message posted on Twitter.

Afida Turner would she still have acted up? But this time, it is in the United States that the one who has been pursuing a career as a singer for some time is talking about her behavior in a store. In a video, the American TikToker nicknamed TizzyEnt (5.2 million subscribers) said the widow of Ronnie Turner (died December 2022) went to a shop Walgreensan American pharmacy chain, in order to buy a small bottle of alcohol.

Things allegedly got out of hand when the cashier asked her to show your identity card as requested by the cash register system recorder. Afida Turner would have categorically refused and the tone would have started to rise. “I have to scan an ID card to unlock the system“, insisted the store employee in front of Afida, furious, according to the account of TikTokeur. When Afida Turner finally agreed to take out her identity card, it is his bank card which would have been refused…

But, after several hours of controversy and when she had become one of the trends on Twitter, Afida Turner posted a press release on her account: she denies it!

Afida Turner breaks the silence: she claims to be the victim of a viral video

On her account, she wrote the following press release: “At a time when already very affected by the loss of my dear Coolio, I have just suffered the worst shock of my life with the death of my husband, Ronnie Turner. Some vultures take advantage of my distress to try to harm me a little more. By broadcasting truncated images and defamatory and misleading comments, they imagine that my weakness of the moment will give substance to their blackmail. And the star, who says she is “injured” in her honor and her dignity, to then attack press articles on the subject as well as the TikTok platform which hosts the famous videos implicating her.

Contacted by telephone by the editorial staff of NextPlz, Afida Turner denounces being the victim of ‘a false rumor and blackmail’“, can we read on the site of our colleagues. However, we do not know what blackmail she is talking about, nor who she is targeting behind this blackmail or even what we would expect from her in return…

To date, between TikTok and Twitter, the video supposedly putting Afida Turner forward has accumulated more than a million views.

“A stupid immigrant”: a video that denounces a skid

On the video in question, the woman filmed would have asked try again to swipe his American Express card not less than one “dozen times. In a rage, she would then have reprimanded the cashier insulting her and calling her “stupid“. As a woman stood in line at the cash register – to pay for her son’s medicine – and watched the scene, she volunteered to help the accused, offering to pay for the $5.99 bill. “We’ve all been there (…) I can pay for you with pleasure while you find out what the problem is with your bank“, kindly launched the mother of the family, according to the story of TikTokeur.

But the accused woman would have ignored this proposal and would have started to insult the cashier even more. She would have called it “stupid immigrant” who “don’t speak English well enough. Despite this attitude, the mother would again have offered to pay for her. What trigger all the more the ire of this one. “I don’t need a pauper’s money, I have 1.7 million followers on Instagram“, she would have launched, showing her Instagram account. A scene entirely filmed and broadcast on TikTok and Twitter…

Accusations against Afida Turner

The store manager would then have intervened, asking the woman with the shocking behavior to leave the sceneand would have discovered that she concealed…several other small bottles of alcohol in his bag. During this time, the mother of the family was filming the scene. Back to the wall, the culprit would have started attack“the woman who filmed, before storming out of the store. “If you know Afida, check in on her. She owes a few people an apology“, concluded the TikTokeur, then revealing the supposed identity of the one who caused a scandal.