After the beer mug attack: Vanessa Hampl criticizes the behavior of the police

TV viewers know the pretty woman from Heidi Klum’s casting show “Germany’s Next Top Model” (15th season). Now Vanessa Hampl has to worry about her health and beauty.

Kirchweih Kadenzhofen: beer mug thrower attacked Miss Franconia

The 24-year-old student no longer wants to hide her serious injuries. She goes public and actively searches for witnesses and perpetrators herself. What exactly happened?

Vanessa Hampl: 3,000 euros are exposed to catch the perpetrator

A stranger threw a beer mug at her in front of the marquee and hit her on the head. The crime happened on Sunday night at the church fair in Kadenzhofen. The model promises 3,000 euros to catch the perpetrator. The public prosecutor is investigating because of serious bodily harm.

Vanessa Hampl: Police did not come to the crime scene or to the clinic

The injured woman, who said she was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, is also angry with the Bavarian police. “Unfortunately, something went wrong that evening,” said Vanessa Hampl to the AZ. Despite the call, no officials came to the scene of the crime – nor to the hospital. “My parents were totally shocked because no police came. On our own initiative, we called the police and filed a complaint.”

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AZ interview with Vanessa Hampl

AZ: How are you after the brutal attack?
VANESSA HAMPL: I’m at home right now. I’m doing according to the circumstances, I still can’t quite believe what happened. I hope to be able to put an end to the whole thing at some point, because it is a great psychological burden for me. I keep thinking about the incident. When I look at a beer mug, I get a queasy feeling. Of course, I also have physical pain.

Exactly what injuries do you have?
I have four lacerations from temple to eyebrow. These had to be sewn up in the hospital. The left side of my face and my eye are swollen shut. I can hardly see anything at the moment.

Attorney Alexander Stevens in his office at Stiglmaierplatz.

Alexander Stevens on perfect murders: Lawyer explains weaknesses in …


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How did it come about at the church fair?
My friends and I were standing outside in front of a beer stand. We were enjoying a beer when a beer mug hit me in the temple. The perpetrator stood about three meters away from me and threw this beer mug at my head with full force. I couldn’t believe it at all because I didn’t know where the beer mug came from and why.

“I have no stress or problems”

Who was the aggressive man?
I didn’t know the perpetrator. And I can’t imagine that it was a targeted attack on me either. I have no stress or problems with any person. I think I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Do the injuries affect your job as a model?
My first thought was actually that it hit me in a stupid place. Because everyone actually looks in the face first. I think it will definitely have consequences for me and for my job as a model in the near future. On Saturday, for example, there would have been an event as Miss Franken, which I unfortunately have to cancel due to an injury. I know there will be big scars. Maybe one day you can laser them away or treat them with creams.

Has the perpetrator reported? Attorney contacts police

The identity of the perpetrator may now be known. A lawyer reported to the Neumarkt police on Tuesday. His mandate could be directly related to the crime, reports Bayerischer Rundfunk.

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