After the Bolognese gate and lies in the jungle camp: Claudia Effenberg is counted

Claudia Effenberg’s (emergency) lie causes stress in the camp? After a treasure hunt, the designer and candidate Djamila Rowe forged the plan to serve up a supposedly uneaten Bolognese to the fellow campaigners in the RTL jungle camp. What happened?

What is the lie about the Bolognese in the jungle camp?

Effenberg and Rowe both claimed to have turned down a pasta dish in exchange for possible extra food for the team. Because: Previously, Cosimo Citiolo and Gigi Birofio had the choice between earned eggs for the team or their own salami pizza. The two candidates decided to secretly feast. Back in the team, this decision caused pure horror. Claudia Effenberg and Djamila Rowe therefore wanted to fight back and take revenge with the wrong Bolognese. However, the two celebrity ladies did not resolve their fibbing afterwards. Djamila had a guilty conscience.

Jungle presenter chats out Bolo-Gate

Djamila Rowe’s confession took place after their joint jungle exam with Cosimo Citiolo. Presenter Sonja Zietlow addressed the secret. Embarrassed, the Berlin trash slut Cosimo confessed to the Bolo lie.

In the moderation, Sonja Zietlow could not resist a saying. For her, Claudia Effenberg lacks “decency and fairness”. “Better an honestly eaten pizza than a bogus bolognese that hasn’t been eaten.”

Claudia Effenberg attracts the displeasure of the jungle camp fans with a brazen lie.

Claudia Effenberg brings the viewers against her with a jungle camp lie …


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At the campfire, when the voting was announced, Sonja Zietlow exposed Claudia Effenberg live on the show and in front of the entire team on Tuesday evening. The Bolognese gate may lead to escalation among the celebrities in the jungle camp. Because Claudia Effenberg still doesn’t pour pure wine, the presenter confronts the designer during the early morning flying visit.

Claudia Effenberg (s face) feels caught

Effenberg’s facial expression changed. Suddenly the player’s wife became nervous. This is what someone who just got caught looks like! But the blonde still didn’t want to admit the Bolo lie and talked about her head and neck. At first the 57-year-old was clueless, then she said subduedly, without being specific: “No, we haven’t talked about it yet.” The rest of the participants in “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here” looked puzzled and finally wanted to know the truth. Is Claudia Effenberg still considered “selfless” in the camp? She received this quality in a game played by Papis Loveday…

Horror over Bolo lie on Wednesday

Djamila Rowe wanted to correct the lie in front of everyone in the camp on Wednesday, while Claudia relied on individual discussions. Cosimo and Lucas already knew that Gigi should be brought on board next.

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Jungle camp: Jana Pallaske talks about sexual assault and Claudia …


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How much do the twelve stars from the RTL jungle camp earn?

Fees of the celebrities in the jungle camp 2023: Whoever breaks off loses a lot of money


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“We just wanted to do a joke. We didn’t think anything of it!” Claudia Effenberg explained to Gigi. However, the Italian did not find the action funny at all. “Now I’ve checked it. The Bolognese isn’t true!” He told the other candidates. Papis in particular was disappointed by the lie. Djamila made it clear: “Well, actually it was your idea, but we both did it. Now it has to be the end, because I’ve only been listening to pizza and Bolognese for days!” But it was far from over.

The imaginary Bolognese divides the camp

Gigi came to a blatant conclusion, which he also shared with Claudia in a one-on-one interview: “It was a provocation for me. That’s why we just avoid each other!”

“It’s such a hardcore number again, where I think, what’s the point now? I could always start again with the old pizza. I could have said, you really ate the pizza: What’s up now Worse? When you’re kidding someone or really eating something?”, Claudia Effenberg asked when she told Djamila Rowe about Gigi’s announcement while washing up. And the Bolo Gate also continues to spark discussions around the campfire…

You can see how the jungle test went for the campers and which other topics were discussed by the celebrities in the photo gallery above.

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