After the rumor of resignation of Iván de Pineda to La Peña de Morfi, from Telefe they spoke about the future of the cycle

This Monday the version of Iván de Pineda’s resignation from the leadership of La Peña de Morfi circulated. The rumor circulated after the tribute to Gerardo Rozín that Telefe broadcast on Sunday, and now sources linked to the channel now took it upon themselves to clarify the many about the situation and gave a signal about the future of the cycle.

In Intruders (America), panelist Nancy Duré assured that after the special of The Rock of Morfi on Sunday, authorities of phone they called Jésica Cirio and the producers of the program to tell them that the proposal had come to an end due to the lack of agreement with Ivan de Pineda as the new conductor of the classic space dedicated to music.