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The experience he has lived every time he has entered an operating room has always been reserved for him. Sometimes they were satisfactory, others led to a new search for medical help. The Ecuadorian artist Jasu Montero, who is currently one of the presenters of the morning From house to house, from TC Television, he returned in February to undergo surgery. On this occasion to reconstruct the aesthetic part that was affected since in 2000 she decided to reduce her natural bust size.

“I saw the need to speak because sometimes people think it’s vanity and mine became a health need. I have always had large breasts naturally, but I used to have a lot of complexes about it, I was ashamed, because my frame was not for large breasts, in the sixth year I did not worry so much, but when I joined the group (Kandela & Son) in which It was more noticeable, I was always hunchbacked, my companions did not wear a bra and instead I had to wear a law and with certain clothes it did not look good, “he details.

In 2000, the singer notes, she underwent her first surgery. “I went with the idea to the doctor who wanted to have them small (the bust). The solution that the doctor gave me, immediately, was to get a liposuction of chichis on the ends of my breasts, in fact I have the scar, a hairline on each side near the armpit. There was a recovery time and the result of that was some flaccid and sagging boobs, so it did not solve me or give me the result I wanted, which was to have them firm, ”she says.

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A couple of years later, Jasú went back to see a specialist, who offered him a new alternative. “To compensate for that flaccidity, the doctor put a 200 prosthesis on me, which he put on my areola and nothing happened, but I looked bumpy, even a little more, I felt that they became more voluptuous, I did not feel comfortable. And since I had a lot of activity I felt that they weighed me down, my back hurt a lot and to hold them I had to have a special bra. Some time passed and this third surgery was traumatic for me in every way, because it was an extremely painful process. I visited the doctor and explained all the processes he had had and that he wanted to have small but firm breasts. This surgery happened. I entered the operating room in the morning and left at 9:00 p.m. It was a super long surgery and those waiting for me outside had no news from me. When the doctor came out he told them: ‘I shouldn’t have operated on Jasú and with that they thought the worst,’” he says.

According to the artist, in this third operation the specialist cut too much skin from the areola and had placed a very large prosthesis. “The prosthesis was over-pressed and all the stitches were around the areola, when I woke up at night, I woke up with a bad reaction to the anesthesia. On the third day the stitches of the areolas began to open (…) when I saw that they all began to open, I went to the surgeon to tell him what was happening to me and he told me that I could not intervene if I did not wait for everyone keep opening up, the solution he gave me was to take me to another doctor and what he did was the cures for two months. Wait for the wound to continue to open because thank God this intervention was only for the nipples, he did not do the T (type of surgery), because if he had done it that way it would have been more destroyed, “she reveals.

“I was in healing for two months and they cut my threads raw, they had to wait for everything to open up on their own, they cleaned me very carefully, and I had a lot of activity in the group and I had to change every so often, because the micropore that I used caused me allergies and with the open wound I had to take care of it, and on top of that put on a bra and blouses. I had to do it even at home when I was very active, ”she mentions about this situation she went through in 2009.

A year later, his wounds closed and he was out of danger. The fourth operation was a necessity, he stresses. “My nipples were like when you put a hot iron on them and that melts, it was a monstrous thing, the important thing at that moment was that it heal as it was, but that the wound closes. It took me a long time to find a doctor to do a reconstruction, it took a long time to make that decision, I did all the corresponding tests, and after almost three years, I was afraid, my only concern was no longer the size, it was that remove the prostheses that had been put on me and rule out any danger in my breasts and remove all that burnt stain from my nipple, horrible. I found the specialist, he removed everything burned, the prostheses and I was very careful, I spent about a month without raising my arms because I was afraid that the stitches would open, ”he indicates.

In December 2016, during a home accident, 70% of the body was burned. “There were a lot of ugly comments and people mistaking it for biopolymers or something else. I almost lost my life for not going to the Luis Vernaza hospital for the first week in the burn area, because I almost lost my life due to negligence in the first place where I was treated (…) Dr. Quintana and Dr. Palacios guided Andrea Pesántez , who is my manager, and I entered the operating room at 06:00. There they removed all the black skin I had, thanks to God and to them I can now tell about it. Doctor Quintana told her, ‘pretend that she has cancer, that’s how serious she was’. He showed him some photos in which my hands were swollen and black. There they took me to the ICU area. I was isolated, many things were complicated for me. What happened to me before was negligence that I never reported because when I left the hospital what I was really grateful for was being alive. They brushed my teeth, cleaned me all up, I went naked, they sliced ​​my legs and grafted my breast, hips, buttocks, they grafted everything on me because the left side was the one that suffered, ”he details. Jasu.

After the pandemic, in this 2022, at the beginning of February, he operated for the last time. Dr. Mónica Espinosa, she assures, is the one who has achieved a miracle in the part of her breasts. “I did all the studies because I was afraid of having something after so much manipulation, thank God I didn’t have anything wrong. As a patient, I say that she has performed a miracle, after four painful surgeries and a traumatic process. She made me an inverted T, she cut a lot of skin, she put a small prosthesis on me, because my boobs are not very big, now. She looks good, they looked horrible, deformed, on top of that the burnt made her look uglier, ”she reveals.

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“When I became a mother, it was very difficult for me to breastfeed my daughter, it was a nightmare, I drank everything and appreciated every drop of breast milk that came out, I was only able to breastfeed my daughter for four months, I totally lost sensitivity in my breasts, after the third surgery that was traumatic, I totally lost the feeling in my breasts. I think that the sensitivity has already been totally lost,” said Jasú Montero, an Ecuadorian artist.

Have you reconciled with your body after all these surgeries? You know what was happening, I told the doctor that when I was burned, people worried because I was super vain and the burnt helped me not to worry so much about the physical, although mine was already a necessity. When I got burned, I burned 70% of my body on the left side (…) Now I feel calm, it was also a need for health, because of everything that was spinning in my head, the results are super good, ”he adds. the artist.

Is this the last cosmetic surgery you plan to undergo? No, not anymore, I’ll stay there. When I’m 70, I’ll lift my face there. If they gave me a choice, I would have kept my natural boobs, in 2000 I had natural boobs and that was not known on television, so I did not want them and I did not appreciate them. If I hadn’t been in the art world, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to have surgery.

TV, music and radio

At 41 years old, and with a musical proposal as a soloist that is consolidated with various presentations, Jasú has more certainty about what he wants in his day to day life. He recently added to his work experience, the radio announcement as part of the program Guayaquil se prende, which is broadcast from Monday to Friday, on radio The other. In this production, he shares the microphone with his fellow TC Television partner, Jorge Heredia.

“Working on the radio was a dream I had for many years, I start on a program from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., I am happy, it is a popular music program, I am happy because it has a lot to do with music”, add.

This facet is complemented by his performance as anchor the magazine From house to house, of which he has been a part since 2016.

He recently recorded the single titled bye bye, of which you plan to record your video clip. “The video that I have recorded with Juan Del Valle is for my song Bye Bye, which was written by Pedrito Chinga, the lyrics and music are his. For that audiovisual, the Ecuadorian Duo (Héctor Alvarado and Jinson Pineda) did my make-up. We did it in Bucay, this will be the first part of the video, it is a love story”, he adds.

Before this premiere, he presented a collection of 17 songs (corridors, waltzes and parades), which bears the name Ecuadorianly Jasú. (I)