“After these days of coma, I am on a rehabilitation tour”

Recovered from his cerebral hemorrhage, the Dutch singer tells us how he came close to death. Interview.

It is not far from 4 p.m. on January 25 when Dave and Patrick, her husband, return home. For four years, they have rented a 150 square meter house nestled at the back of the Villa Montmorency, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. “I still haven’t understood why, but Dave had the sudden need to make a machine, to wash jeans,” says Patrick. The singer empties the drum, which is still full, and heads for the first floor, his arms full of damp laundry. “I heard a dull noise,” continues Patrick, who has remained in the kitchen.

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“At first, I thought it was a plant that had fallen on the ground. I went to the living room anyway. He was there, lying on the ground, inert. I thought he was dead. Dave has no memory of what happened. “I woke up in Percy Military Hospital. I didn’t even know it existed, ”smiles the now recovered singer, but still wearing a neck brace. For Patrick, the horror begins. “I called a friend first. He warned the guards, who contacted the Samu. Firefighters arrived within fifteen minutes. I had managed to drag Dave to the mat and put a pillow under his head. When he groaned, I knew he was alive. But the medical staff took care to cut his clothes before intubating him in the truck. » Dave sneers: « A cashmere for 250 euros… » « Yes, finally… your head had hit the ground, you had two broken vertebrae, it was the least of things! »

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After an hour, the firefighters evacuated the injured. “They told me that I couldn’t accompany them. I did not have the choice. Early in the evening, when I contacted the intensive care unit, I was told coldly: “Your husband had two epileptic fits during his transfer. He fell into a coma, his condition is deteriorating, we do not know yet if we will be able to save him. That’s when I warned Marco [Fogiel] and Daniel [Auteuil], his two best friends. »…

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