After Zoff with Heidi Klum: model dad Günther congratulates Leni with a bizarre gift

He always presented himself as the strong man behind top model Heidi Klum and seemed to hold the reins of business for a long time. But in the meantime Günther Klum has taken a back seat in the Klum empire, and there is said to be radio silence between father and daughter. On Leni’s 18th birthday, however, he did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate his granddaughter. On this occasion, the 76-year-old published a strange-looking video on YouTube and proudly announced what he was giving her for her day of honor.

Günther Klum gives granddaughter the “Leni Klum” brand

“Hello, my little mouse cat,” says Günther Klum in the 49-second clip addressed to Leni Klum. “Today you will be 18 years old and then you will be of legal age.” He still has a “special” gift ready for his granddaughter, as he further explains: “This is the Leni Klum brand, and you don’t yet know how important a brand is, hopefully you’ll make the right thing out of it.”

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Last year, Günther Klum secured the rights to his granddaughter’s name. In May 2021, he posted a corresponding document from the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on Instagram. The 76-year-old had also registered “Mousekatze”, the nickname for Leni Klum, as a trademark.

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Difficult relationship between Heidi Klum and father Günther

However, someone was not at all enthusiastic about securing rights to this name and even took action against it. An application for a declaration of invalidity has been made to the EUIPO. However, it is not known who submitted the application.

The relationship between father and daughter has been difficult for years. Since 2021, the winners of GNTM have no longer been contracted to Günther Klum’s model agency “ONEeins Fab”. The 76-year-old did not appear personally at the wedding of Heidi and Tom Kaulitz in 2019.

However, he does not want to know anything about a dispute with the prominent daughter and explained in 2021 to “t-online“, the family situation is “continued to be extraordinarily harmonious”. Why he congratulated his granddaughter Leni in the form of a YouTube video and spoke so publicly about the gift seems a bit strange…

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