Against the wind and pandemic, Dos Locas de Remate is re-released – El Sol de México

The work Two crazy auctionstarring Susana Zabaleta and Gabriela de la Garza, began its 2023 season, which will be presented at the Lebanese Theater, the place where the actresses met to break up the traditional rosca de reyes.

The producer Morris Gilbert celebrated that the production returns to the theater, since at the end of its season in August of last year they left with exhausted locations. However, he acknowledges that these times are very difficult for the theater, given the violence that surrounds the country.

“Incredible that January has arrived and we are opening and again with this situation… With what happened in Culiacán, people are panicked and all that hits the theater. We are always fighting against the tide, what surprises me the most is that here we are, against the wind, pandemic and everything,” he shared in an interview.

Two crazy auction It is directed by Manuel González Gil. It follows the story of two sisters, played by Zabaleta and De la Garza, who meet again after 20 years of not seeing each other, when one of them is left homeless and seeks asylum with her older sister.

Susana was of the opinion that the success of this text has been based on the way in which it captures the complexity of family relationships, which exist in all homes. “You get into this dynamic of thinking about it personally, there’s no way not to see yourself in this play,” she said.

“That’s why people come back and see themselves identified. There are people who laugh cruelly at each other, and then there’s silence, or sometimes they all laugh at the same time. This tells me how difficult it is to live in community, it is very difficult to live as a family, there must be respect”.

Gabriela added that everyone has experienced a similar situation of estrangement, either firsthand or through an acquaintance, so this comedy has the ability to generate conflicting emotions.

“That is exactly what causes more fun, when those sensitive fibers begin to touch you. We can provoke this roller coaster of emotions where you do laugh, but it also hurts and it can even bring a tear, and then you laugh again. A I like that, shaking people and sowing seeds”.

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The work will be presented from Friday to Sunday, until Easter, and from the influx they receive it will be determined if the season is extended, as confirmed by Morris Gilbert.

For the coming months, the producer prepares the return of the laying Alone in the dark, starring Itatí Cantoral; as well as the premiere of a text based on the game clueY tendernesswhich addresses the relationship between men and women, carried out in collaboration with a team from Madrid, and will have six actors on stage.