Agustina Cherri broke the silence and firmly confronted the separation rumors

Agustina Cherri is enjoying one of the best moments of her career: the great success of “La 1-5/18”, the fiction of El Trece that has her as the protagonist does not stop growing and in a few days its chapter will be broadcast ending leaving a great story, which had a part of the country in suspense.

A few weeks ago, Agustina had her birthday and her daughter Muna revealed the great admiration she feels for her mother: “Happy birthday to the most beautiful, kind, humble and companion woman in the world, thank you for always being there, supporting me. Without you and without dad I would not have achieved anything that I have achieved so far, it was all with your help, because I always had both of you with your hands on my shoulders encouraging me, and telling me that I could do everything and more, “wrote the talented girl.