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The platform for adults onlyfans it has become the window for many people to become known internationally. Although many celebrities have an account, there are many characters who have risen to fame thanks to their suggestive photographs, such is the case of Aida Cortés, cataloged as “the queen of OnlyFans” in Colombia.

The 25-year-old started out as a model webcamer of different internet pages dedicated to this content, where he interacted with different people from all over the world, according to what he told the magazine Semana de Colombia. After six years in this job, she decided to venture into OnlyFans.

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Due to his great popularity on social networks and the suggestive content of his account, he has managed to get almost 4 million followers on Instagram and nearly 350 thousand ‘likes’ on the adult platform.

His debut on OnlyFans was not a product of chance, it was an idea that materialized after his rise to fame with a cover he made of the song “Sin Pijama” by Becky G and Natti Natasha. At that time, Cortés wanted to take advantage of the visualization that he had to monetize with content.

“I decided to open OnlyFans, but not because everyone knew that I was a webcam model, but because I had a large audience and I wanted to monetize”, the Colombian model told the magazine Semana de Colombia.

How much earn?

As Cortés revealed to the Colombian media, her popularity has made her the “queen of OnlyFans” in her country, where she manages to monetize about 100 million pesos per month. That is, more than 26 thousand dollars a month.

Thanks to the experience -and the profits obtained-, Aida Cortés has been encouraged to take a course called Only School, where she teaches interested women to earn money by uploading content to the OnlyFans platform. This course costs $160 and promises that students could earn up to $2,000.


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