Aída Morales refused to kiss Jorge Rausch on the mouth

During a new creative challenge in which ‘Masterchef’ contestants competed for time for an upcoming group challenge, It was difficult for celebrities to carry out their preparations due to the decisions made by ‘Estiwar G’.

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As the ‘ñero’ was the winner of the previous challenge, he had the advantage of selecting the ingredients for his companions. Although she assured that she would do it “with justice and equity”, the famous complained.

Finally, four of them managed to convince the judges with their dishes despite the difficulty: Aída Morales, ‘Estiwar G’, ‘Corozo’ and Isabella Santiago.

Aída Morales refuses to kiss the judge of ‘Masterchef’

When the actress went to the lectern to present her preparation, the judges, Nicolás de Zubiría, Jorge Rausch and Christopher Carpentier were very surprised by how delicious it was.

The three did not hesitate to praise her cooking skills, and Rausch assured him that: “I couldn’t have done better.” After that comment, Morales expressed with emotion that he was going to eat it to bites, and proceeded to give the chef a kiss on the cheek.

Given this, ‘Tatán’ Mejía yelled at him: “In the mouth, suck his trunk”, and Aída replied with certainty: “No, sir. The only owner of my kisses on the mouth is ‘Tatán’”.