Aída Morales scolded Christopher Carpentier for “disloyal”; What happened

The test this Tuesday, May 10 in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’ was marked by the clashes that some participants had with the chefs, since the little time they had to make their preparations caused stress and desperation to take over many of them.

And it is that the celebrities once again had the accompaniment of Nicolás de Zubiría, Christopher Carpentier and Jorge Rausch. This caused a new confrontation between the judges, who sought to take the undefeated away from De Zubiría, winner of all the team challenges.

Isabella Santiago, ‘Tatán’ Mejía and Manuela González chose Jorge Rausch as the chef who would guide them in the challenge. Cristina Campuzano and ‘Corozo’ went with De Zubiría and ‘Chicho’ and Aída Morales stayed with Carpentier.

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Aída Morales sang the table to Carpentier in ‘Masterchef’

The celebrities had 60 minutes to prepare three identical dishes where the main ingredient would be the rabbit. As preparations were completed, three guest chefs tasted and rated the dishes.

In the middle of the run, run Carpentier took an ingredient from Aída Morales to complement the dish of humorist ‘Chicho’ Arias and this provoked the immediate reaction of the actress.

“Why are you taking my butter over there? Do not! Bring me the butter you took with you.” he reproached him.

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“You don’t know it, but since you arrived I knew you were the winner,” the chef replied to calm Morales’ fury. “No it’s not true. So that’s why he is being disloyal to me and it doesn’t seem like it to me, ”said Aída Morales, with obvious gestures of annoyance.

The chef ignored the claim and continued to help “Chicho” for a long time, so Morales asked for his help again: “I need you here now!” Carpentier was astonished and responded angrily: “I’m not going anywhere.”

Finally, things calmed down and the chef ended up helping Aída Morales, who was proud of the result of her preparation. However, the winner of the test was ‘Corozo’, who received a rating of 9 out of 10, so De Zubiría retained his undefeated record.