Aida Victoria Merlano breaks down in tears and shares a nostalgic moment with her followers

The influencer and content creator Aida Victoria Merlano shared a very personal and nostalgic moment on her social networks, where she moved her followers by showing the sensitivity that missing her mother produces.

The Barranquilla could not hold back her tears when entering a restaurant where she met the same group of mariachis that her mother Aida Merlano, who is currently in Venezuela, hired her on her birthdays.

Aida Victoria, quite moved and unable to stop crying, decided to make a video call from her cell phone to talk to her mother and brother at the moment the mariachis began to play. the absent son by Antonio Aguilar in the restaurant.

“Last night some mariachis arrived at the restaurant where I was and they turned out to be the same ones that my mother hired for my birthdays. I connected my mom and my brother on a video call and when this song played it gave me a lot of feeling. I haven’t seen her in more than two years…”, the content creator wrote in a story on her Instagram account.

And although many criticize her in her networks for the legal problems her mother is facing, Aida Victoria has repeatedly shown her admiration, respect and love for her mother. To whom every time she has the opportunity, and her followers ask her, she expresses her love for her and the lack she makes of her since she is a fugitive from Colombian justice.

What did Aida Victoria Merlano’s ex-boyfriend say about the kiss between her and Yéferson Cossio?

After Yéferson Cossio and Jenn Muriel confirmed the end of their relationship, social networks became the scene of controversy over the leak of a video in which the content creator kissed Aida Victoria Merlano, daughter of the fugitive former congresswoman Aida Merlano.

Although both Cossio and Muriel have been respectful and prudent regarding their personal lives, this is not the case with their followers, who have not been slow to speculate on the reasons that led to the separation of the couple. In this regard, the content creator recently published a video in which he explains in a general way the reasons why he is no longer with Jenn, making it clear that they still talk to each other and highlighting the admiration she has for him.

Likewise, on the rumors of an alleged infidelity, Yéferson clarified that at no time did he cheat on Jenn with Aida Victoria: “I ended my relationship, I went out with someone, you talk as if she and I were boyfriends. We went out and that’s it (…) The insult to this other girl, she’s not a ‘bitch’, she messed with me when I didn’t have a girlfriend, she doesn’t harm homes”.

Of course, Internet users also turned to Aida Victoria’s ex-partner to find out her opinion on the controversial video in which she appears kissing Yéferson Cossio. Consequently, an Instagram user commented on a post by Lumar Alonso and asked: “What do you think about Aida?”

Lumar’s response was immediate and he replied in a clear, simple and forceful way: “That you have to ask someone else that question,” said the businessman.