Aída Victoria Merlano made daring confessions of her intimacy

Aída Victoria Merlano is always giving something to talk about through different topics and posts on her social networks. And now she does it again after making some spicy confessions in her Instagram stories.

It is no secret to anyone that the digital creator is not afraid to tell the truth, no matter what topic is proposed to her. Now, she confessed to her followers some of her most intimate tastes.

Precisely, it was the same fans who asked him multiple questions about his preferences. One of them was related to her preferred position and the ‘influencer’, in a humorous way, replied that: “Up and from the back, because one settles down, pulls a hair, makes a little look and frowns.”

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In the images, he also assured that he does not care if they are white or dark, tall or short. He even answered the typical question of whether length matters.

Aída Victoria is the daughter of former congresswoman Aída Merlano, who was convicted of vote buying. Precisely, about a month ago the now “influencer” cried in networks while she told how her reunion with her mother was.

“Today I had a very difficult day. I have the emotion of having seen my mother, but also the disappointment of the situations that you would like to change and you can’t. I’ve been thinking all day about what to do to keep my spirits up, but I don’t want to pretend I’m okay when I’m not.”

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And by the way, he left a message to his fans, regarding those who think that celebrities have perfect lives:

“I would change everything I have to be able to sit with my mom in a restaurant and you can’t. When you fantasize about the life of another person, of someone who is in networks, remember that we all have problems.