Aida Victoria Merlano was the victim of an April Fool’s Day joke: “I’m going to block it”

December 28 is a very special date for those who like to make jokes, since April Fools’ Day is celebrated on this date and, as is tradition, it is allowed to make all kinds of jokes or heavy jokes.

Despite the fact that the real history of this day is linked to a very complex context, the celebration became a different space and full of particular moments.

In the middle of this date, one of the people who was the victim of a joke made by an acquaintance was Aida Victoria Merlano. The young woman herself could not get rid of this tradition and she fell into an unexpected situation that one of her closest friends prepared for her.

According to what was recorded on his Instagram account, his friend Diego Camacho took advantage of this day and made him an innocent in relation to his sentimental and love life. The influencer’s relative told her an experience, which involved her and predicted a beautiful future with “someone new”.

Nenaaaa, imagine that I met a man who is a psychic and he told me that destiny has a stable and lasting relationship for you!”, wrote Merlano’s friend in a personal chat.

“A gentleman where? From those of the Sierra? “The Barranquillera responded, adding another question to find out more details about it:” What else did he tell you?

However, everything went to the floor when Diego Camacho confessed to Aida Victoria that it was a joke for April Fool’s Day and what he had just told her was a lie.

Lies baby happy april fools day”, revealed the Colombian, to which the content creator located in a post on her official Instagram account: “I am going to block it”.

The young woman posted a screenshot of the prank her friend made on her.
The young woman posted a screenshot of the prank her friend made on her. – Photo: Instagram screenshot @aidavictoriam

An indecent proposal for a juicy sum of money

Days ago, in an activity that she carried out, the content creator took the opportunity to answer speculation about her life and affirm that all her money comes from the work she did for years, in addition to the boom she took on digital platforms. In this segment, he emphasized that he has never sold his body and has already had experiences in which he was made indecent proposals for him to accept.

Aida Victoria assured that the money they offered her was acquired by working with big brands and the advertising she sells on social networks, so she never got access to these ideas. In addition to this, the young woman also pointed out that this invitation came into her life through an “outing for coffee”, which she never accepted.

“On my own, by my own means. If I sold c%$& outside, I would have a lot of money. Once, a man, who is not anyone who would say that it is dangerous to sit in front of that person, offered someone close to me 50 million pesos to sit down and have a coffee, in the place that I chose, so that he felt safe”, he said in the video.

“But I have made that same money by sitting down with a businessman, who has no romantic interest in me, but values ​​me for what I represent as a brand,” she added, where she also recounted how she started her economic independence when she was younger.

This story sparked comments from the curious, who responded and supported her work as an influencer, while others criticized her for these rumors that she was selling her body for large sums of money.