Aimee Lou Wood gives new clues

    Season 4 of ‘Sex Education’ does not yet have a release date, so while we wait for the new episodes, we continue to hunt for new details about what will happen in the plot and the development of its characters, which in this next batch of episodes will be much more mature and will face important decisions… Aimee Gibbs, played in the fiction by Aimee Lou Wood, will experience a major change, as she declared in a recent interview with Bustle. Apparently, he will carry out “a journey of personal transformation” in the new chapters: “I have always thought that Aimee is not stupid, but people think she is. She is very cunning and emotionally intelligent, and has an incredible imagination. This season, she’ll realize that she has a brilliant brain and that she has a lot to say. She’ll figure out how she wants to express herself. And that’s where art will come in.”

    aimee lou wood


    The actress also claims to have really enjoyed her role over the years: “That’s the beauty of playing a character for so long, seeing that every time you get a new facet of her personality. I’ve always thought there’s no way Aimee wouldn’t She’s a little hurt that people write her off in terms of what she has to say.”

    Aimee’s character isn’t the only one who will experience a big change andn ‘Sex Education’, one of the best Netflix series. Asa Butterfield recently commented that his character, Otis Milburn, had evolved a lot in what we will see. You want to enjoy it now.