Aitana Tufiño is the new queen of Blooming

The new queen of Club Blooming is nothing more and nothing less than Aitana Tufino, one of the representatives of the Santa Cruz beauty that has stood out the most in recent times. Proof of this are the titles she has held: Stewardess EL DEBER (2018), Queen of the Cruceña Tradition (2021) and Queen of the Military Aviation College (2021).

Aitana has the lineage of a queen; She is daughter of Natalia CronenboldStewardess EL DEBER 1993, miss Bolivia 1995 and queen of the Carnival 1997, and of the former soccer player Ruben Tufino.

I’m a fan of Blooming, so it’s an honor to be considered for this title. Is a great and beautiful responsibility”, expressed the new sovereign.

Aitana will have to fulfill an intense social agenda, attending as queen the Celestial Dinner, the blooming fest and the blooming chef. In addition, he will be in the front row in his team’s games.

“Since I told my family that I wanted to pursue modeling, my mother prepared me, emphasizing the responsibilities that each title and job entails. However, I have to confess that I don’t see it as a job, I do it with all the pride in the world“, he said about his new routine.

Aitana will be crowned this Friday at an event to be held at the Casa del Camba del Urubó, within the framework of the anniversary month of the Celeste Academy.