Alain Delon discreet since his stroke: his son posts a rare video of the actor

In a touching video, Anthony Delon filmed his father laughing. A moment of complicity between the two men.

For the Delon family too, Christmas is family. In fact, his son Anthony Delon shared a hilarious video in which the actor’s fans could observe the patriarch.Alain Delon is joking with his son. “Look at me… When you look at me, what do you see?”, asks his son, who is filming him. Without disassembling, the monster of the cinema answers: “Well, I’m looking at you”, he answers. “What do you see ?”, then insists the filmmaker. Tit for tat, his father replies: “Well, I see Alain Delon…”

Something to make your son laugh : “That’s all ?”he asks her then. “It’s a lot, huh”replies Alain Delon. A moment of tenderness shared between the two men who have never had an easy relationship. Indeed, Anthony Delon published a book in 2022 in which he evokes his harsh upbringing. “I needed to expel and put things in their place. […] You should know that I gave him the book before it came out. And when he came out, he called me and we said very, very nice words”said Anthony Delon in Gala.

A contentious relationship

The actor remembers the violence of his father. The latter had also reacted to the publication of his son. “He is almost 60 today, an age where you have to think like a man of that age rather than like a kid”. He did not want to go into details but indicated that “What makes him happy hurts me a lot. It’s hard for a father. But these are his memories… It’s probably a way to kill the father”. But Alain Delon denies having been violent with his son. “I was not terrible with him. I was a serious and strict father, that’s all”. According to him, what disturbed Anthony Delon much more was having been “the son of Alain Delon”, he recognizes that “it is not easy”. Nevertheless, between the two men, there is no tension or animosity, as this video reveals to celebrate Christmas.